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Mercury Sign for September 25, 2017 7:21:29 AM BST:

Virgo 21° 20'
  • Pays a lot of attention to details but might have difficulties with seeing the forest for the trees.
  • Strong analytical abilities, often very good memory.
  • Likes to deal with numbers, facts, can enjoy occupations that other people would consider unbearably boring.
  • Good in systematising and classifying, often more interested in the process of doing something than in the end result.
  • An appropriate type of mind for a scientist, but prefers to deal with tangible things rather than abstract theories.
  • Has a talent for finding faults, and therefore can easily become quite critical towards others.
  • Interested in health, and in fixing things, so this type of Mercury would be appropriate for a doctor or an engineer.

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Mercury is not Out-Of-Bounds, declination 5° 09'.

Speed: 1° 48' (Fast)

Mercury is in Direct Motion.

Distance from the Sun: 11° 03'


Progressed Stations of Mercury

Retrograde69y 1mOct 2086
Direct88y 10mJul 2106













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