Hours - Planetary Hours Calculator for Android


Hours allows you to calculate planetary hours for virtually any date and any location on the Earth using super-precise Swiss Ephemeris. It doesn't need an Internet connection as it is completely self-sufficient.

The screen shots below demonstrate how to use the app.

If you still have a question, or if you wish to provide feedback, please write to the Author.

If you don't remember the symbol of a planet, just tap on the corresponding row and you will see both the name of the planet and some keywords for it.

You can select any date in a rather wide range.

As for the location, you have three different options:

  • You can select one of a few hundreds of preset locations.
  • You can select one of locations configured and saved by yourself.
  • You can tell Hours to define your current location and use it.

This is how the interface for selecting a preconfigured location looks. There is almost a hundred of different countries, and more will be added with every update.

You can always configure a custom location, and you can save in a separate database as many of them as you wish.


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