iLuna - Lunar Calendar for Android


iLuna allows you to easily find out the Lunar Phase, the Moon's position in the Zodiac, and a Void-of-Course Period for any day; as well as explains what all these mean.

Use the arrow buttons at the bottom to go to the next or to the previous day.

Phases show you the energy of the day, Signs - the mood of the day, while the Void-of-Course periods might tell you when it is better not to do certain things.

Screen shots below will show you some of the things you can do with iLuna.

If you still have a question, or if you wish to provide feedback, please write to the Author.

Press the button with the date on it and select some other date.

But no matter how far in the past or future you go, you can always return to the current moment in time by pressing the device's MENU button and selecting the "Current Moment" option.

If you are unsure what all those phases, signs and other terms mean, iLuna will be happy to provide an explanation - just tap on the images, symbols and "i" buttons and read a hint or a more detailed explanation.

iLuna might give you advice regarding health, or gardening, or some other aspects of everyday life.

By default, iLuna uses the default time zone of the device. However, you can always select a different time zone and see what the times of lunar events will be in some other location on the Earth. You can also easily return to the default time zone.

To get to this view, press the MENU button of the device and select the "Change Time Zone" option.


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