About The Lunar Days

Lunar Day 16


A good day for traveling, it is also successful for selling animals. A child born on this day will most likely have a strong health and a long fruitful life. As a rule, all the dreams are valid but they require a proper interpretation.


The symbol is butterfly. One of the "clean" days. Marked with harmony, equilibrium, justice. One should keep inner comfort, be confident in everything. Forbidden are shouting, unceremonious behaviour, evilness, envy. Sex is counterindicated. Eating animal food and mushrooms is not recommended. One must not kill birds. Dirt on the clothes is a sign of spiritual uncleanliness.


Lunar Day 17


This day makes a good foundation for new and important beginnings. A child born on this day will be happy and prosperous. However, if this day falls on Saturday, it might prove to be dangerous.

The one who falls ill on this day has bad prospects as the illness might prove to be incurable. Do not take any medicines on this day, as well as alcoholic drinks. Avoid using drugs as consequences can be very negative. Dreams are fulfilled, most often on the third day.


Symbol - the bell. The day of acquiring inner freedom, accumulation, fertility, joy of being, finding the ideal love. Good for getting married (the marriage will be based on love), conjugal relationship, joy, relaxation, sublimation of sexual energy. This day is connected with transformation of feminine energy. It is recommended to have some cold dry wine, or warm Cahors wine - the symbol of cognition of eternity and ecstasy. However, one should not booze and run amok.

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