About The Lunar Days: Lunar Days 18 and 19

Lunar Day 18


This day requires prudence and temperance. A child born on this day will prove to be industrious and hard-working, with years he will become prosperous and rich.

The one who falls ill may stay ill for long and never recover. Dreams, as a rule, are valid.


Symbol - the mirror. A passive day that can become difficult and bring falling into sin through unwillingness to fight the lowly instincts and temptations. One should work on one's evil thoughts, renounce one's from vanity and egotism. it is okay to go to baths, to cleanse intestine, skin, to have a massage. On this day, the surrounding reality as if reflects our inner essence. It is undesirable to drink wine, smoke, sleep too much, eat meaty food. Nuts and plenty of vegetable oil are preferred. Skin diseases and opening old wounds are the signs of violation of the law of cosmic evolution.


Lunar Day 19


This day is unhappy, so best of all, if possible, to stay home and not to go anywhere. One should not get married on this day, and intimate life should be limited.

Especially beware drunken people on this day, they might be able to make harm to one's health and even to incur severe damage.

A child born on this day will be kind and sweet. An illness will pass, and dreams will be fulfilled.


Symbol: the spider. Difficult and dangerous day. The danger of black magic manifestations, spiritual intoxication, split of consciousness, poisoning. New ideas and influences can be in reality a "devil's net". The day is connected to ethical cleansing, repentance, getting rid of pride, lie, illusions, alien thoughts. It would be good to sit at a camp fire, to walk around one's house with a candle. The only way to reduce the negativity of this day is through one's high moral qualities, dedication and modesty.

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