About The Lunar Days

Lunar Day 12


The twelvth day is substantially unhappy and unsuccessful. One should not undertake or or start anything as it will be all in vain and will bring only losses. It is crucially important to beware blood!

A child born on this day will consequently become lame - either as a result of a congenital physical problem or after an illness. Illnesses that happen on this day can become fatal. Almost all dreams will be fulfilled.


Symbol - a bowl. Day of connection to the cosmic energy of love, divine revelations, purification of thoughts, fulfillment of prayers, comfort, the victory of wisdom over the mind and senses. It is good to show mercy: make gifts, give alms, satisfy requests.

It is contraindicated to get angry, to relax and cry, to eat coarse food (better - juices, except of the apple juice). Broken dishes and spilled liquid are signs of suffering and loneliness.


Lunar Day 13


This day brings bad luck into all endeavours. One should not undertake or start anything! A child born on this day might be able to live to a very old age.

Those who will fall ill on this day and go to the hospital, can remain there for a prolonged period of time. As a rule, almost all the dreams will be fulfilled.


Symbol - a wheel with a clockwise swastika inside. A magical day. A day for work with karma, correction of the past, accumulation of information and contacts. Contacts with the other worlds can happen.

It is good to spin yarn, to make round charms, to bake bread. It is necessary to load the stomach; one can take drugs and carry out cosmetic procedures.

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