Augustina Semenko and Her Universal Cycle. Part 4

Personal Year as a Projection of the Universal Cycle

Augustina Semenko, my teacher of astrology, about whom I wrote in the first article of this series, taught that during each of our personal months we experience the lesson of the corresponding phase of the Universal Cycle, as described in the second article of the series. The way how things develop during the month is described by the dynamics of the Universal Cycle, as explained in the previous, third article of the series.

To remind you, a personal year is the year of life which begins with a birthday and continues until the next birthday. For example, for those born on the 20th of December personal year begins on the 20th of December each year and continues until the 19th of December next year. A personal year consists of twelve personal months, each of them beginning on the day with the same number as birthday. For example, if you were born on the 20th of December then your first personal month will continue from approximately the 20th of December to approximately the 19th of January, the second personal month — from approximately the 20th of January to approximately the 19th of February, and so on. Why I am saying “approximately” was explained in the second part, in the section about the Key Days.

In this article we shall use use all the knowledge presented so far and apply it to personal months. Augustina taught that each of these months is especially good for certain things, and many of them bring specific challenges. This doesn’t mean that, for example, the theme of money and resources only appears during the second month. Instead, the second month is when we learn the lessons of the second phase of the Universal Cycle most effectively, and when we can do something in the corresponding sphere of life most efficiently. If we work with the Universal Cycle, we receive help, we are happier and more successful. If we act against the Universal Cycle, we bring more suffering into our lives.

Now, let’s see how Augustina told the stories of the twelve personal months to her students.

The First Personal Month is important for our initiatives, beginnings, and new projects. We are as if born again, as if renewed, we receive a new source of energy. Even if this is not typical for you, during the first month of your personal year you become a little bit more of a pioneer, an adventurer, you are excited by everything new more than usual.

During the Second Personal Month, the theme of resources, possessions, goods or property becomes emphasized in one or another way. We experience the reaction of the real world to our initiatives. This can mean an increase in income or financial problems, but also we might lose someone dear during the second months. Not only material possessions become important but also the resources of the soul, and the intellectual baggage. Pay attention to the second day after birthday, and to the key day of the second month: they will help you to attune to the lesson of this month.

During the Third Personal Month, the theme of communication, contacts, the choice of direction and the nearest environment come to the forefront. We have to move around, speak, write and read more than usual. We are as if trying to negotiate a place for our initiatives in the surrounding world. There can be meetings with friends or relatives, or perhaps some activity which you undertake together with your neighbours. Pay attention to the third day after your birthday and to the key day of the third month as a heads-up regarding the lessons of this month.

The Fourth Personal Month is important for family matters, concerns related to home, land, relationships with parents, as well as anything related to ancestors. Quite often the events of this month require our personal actions, self-sufficiency, ability to stand on our own. There can be a higher than usual level of stress; you will understand why after I will tell you about the energy of the Universal Cycle in the next article of this series. Pay attention to the fourth day after birthday and to the key day of the fourth month to have a glimpse of what is coming into your life during this month.

The Fifth Personal Month has a special place in the personal year. This is the month when something new is coming into our life (again, you will understand better why this happens after I will tell you about the energy of the Universal Cycle in the next article). This new theme can enter our life for only a few months, or perhaps for many years, but chances are it will emerge during exactly the fifth month. The events of this month can often be related to children, or loved ones, or something we enjoy to do, but they will not necessarily be all very pleasant. If you remember, the keyword for the fifth phase is reaction, which means our initiative meets reality, and we might have to adjust. The key days will help you to foresee what’s coming in the fifth month, and maybe even to influence your future.

The main theme of the Sixth Personal Month is effectiveness. Different mistakes, imperfections, forgotten little problems come to the forefront and demand our attention. Is our attitude to work adequate? If not, during the sixth month we might have all sorts of trouble with our colleagues and employees. Do we take care of our body properly? Augustina taught that if during the sixth month you don’t feel well, the problem is usually in either wrong diet or poor work habits, or some other way how you mistreat your body, and it is usually easy to correct by simply doing things properly. By showing us our imperfections, the sixth month help us to rectify them.

During the Seventh Personal Month, we meet our partners — people who will share our life, complement our strengths, compensate our weaknesses, make unrealised opportunities possible. This is an active month when circumstances often require us to make a step forward, to show an initiative in order to meet new people. They say that our partners are akin to a mirror, so by paying attention to whom we attract into our lives during the seventh month we can better understand ourselves.

The Eighth Personal Month often happens to be problematic. There can be some struggle requiring us to spend our time, energy or other resources. The relationships we’ve just established in the previous month can be tested: are they really that important and valuable? Similar to the second month, the events of the eighth month can be related to money, income or some possessions, but this time with an accent on other people’s views and opinions. Here is a recent example: on the key day of the eighth month a manager from the company I worked for notified me that the financing for the project I worked on was cut, and so I have four weeks left before the end of my contract. I had then to figure out whether I can rely on my own resources or I should continue selling my time to the other people.

The Ninth Personal Month is similar to the fifth, as it also serves as a gateway for something new entering our lives; it can mark the beginning of an entirely new period. This time, however, the new theme is usually related to the ninth phase of the Universal Cycle, “everything that is far or high”. It can be about foreign countries, other cultures, traveling, higher education and so on. Sometimes this “far or high” can even work literally. I am now in my ninth month, and I’ve recently started a new job, which seems to have a potential for becoming a long-term one. One interesting detail is that I now work on the 34th floor of a skyscraper in the City of London, and views from there are fantastic. Perhaps more symbolically appropriate, this is a higher level role, which can potentially open for me new exciting opportunities.

The Tenth Personal Month is often similar to the fourth as it demands from us to mobilise, and to act actively (keyword action). However, the most important areas of life during this month are those of the tenth phase of the Universal Cycle: position in the society, profession, relationships with superiors. For many people this is the month when they decide to change their job, especially if they are not happy about their subordinate position and wish to reach a level of higher responsibility. During the tenth month, our ambition is usually high, we strive to get noticed and to be acknowledged.

The Eleventh Personal Month is usually associated with some choice. We are making plans for the future, thinking where we would go next. Our friends and benefactors can play an important role during this month, and they can be instrumental in shaping our future. This is another period having the keyword reaction, so we need to be realistic and perhaps discard some ideas that are mere fantasies.

The Twelfth Personal Month is the most special one. Its main theme is neutralisation, which means completion of everything that only belongs to the current cycle, which is about to end. This involves comprehension of the accumulated experience and paying debts. We are about to approach the border between two turns of the spiral of our evolution, and we should cross that border cleanly, without debts or unfinished business.

Augustina Semenko taught that during the twelfth month Nature helps us to understand the sense of neutralisation by lowering the energy level of our bodies. It tries to prevent us from starting anything new; instead, it suggests us to look back and think: if there is anything we can bring to completion? We are expected to pay less attention to the outside world and instead concentrate on our inner values, our intuitive understanding of things. If someone doesn’t want to listen to the suggestions of Nature (which, alas, happens very often) — keeps rushing ahead, tries to do all things at once during the twelfth month — this person ends up feeling exhausted, sick, tired. If even these signals do not help to slow down the person, an illness can appear as an ultimate effort of Nature to enforce its laws. This is why the twelfth month of the personal year is considered to be the most difficult, the most complex. In reality, it is only difficult for those who doesn’t want to listen to the prompts of Nature.

Now, have a look at the most recent years of your life. Can you notice how the themes of the twelve phases of the Universal Cycle reflected in them, month after month? Some people can notice the rhythm easily, others don’t see it at all, and this is normal. The more we understand the 12-fold structure of the personal year, the better it works for us, the more purposeful and effective our life becomes. The Universal Cycle is a tool for making sense of life, and as any complex tool it requires some study and devotion, and of course practice.

Try to start from something simple, but still very important: during the last two weeks before your birthday do not start anything new. Look back at the previous year of your life: which lessons it taught you? Were you able to clearly appreciate the meaning of those lessons? What was completed properly and what still needs to be completed? Devote all the time you have before your birthday to completing unfinished businesses and paying debts. If something new comes during these last two weeks, something that requires your active participation, try to delay it until after your birthday.

But when the birthday comes, don’t be passive, invest all your energy into new beginnings. You will then experience how your efforts are supported and accelerated by the natural course of events, how the solar rhythm of your personal year takes you onboard and helps to solve your problems.

This was one of the numerous projections of the Universal Cycle: the twelve months of the personal year. Augustina Semenko also taught that the Universal Cycle can be projected onto the 28-year period in human life, and the next article of this series will provide an explanation of how this works as well as offer a real-life example.


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