Augustina Semenko and Her Universal Cycle. Part 7

Is There Incompatibility?

Personal relationships are very important in our lives. For many people they are so important that if there is no harmony in relationships then everything else in the world simply doesn’t matter.

There is a branch of astrology named synastry which studies human relationships, and it has a large number of tools and approaches, from quite simple to very sophisticated ones. A synastric analysis by a competent astrologer can be very revealing, it will typically show both factors that bring people together and factors that create problems in relationships. The astrologer will then try to advise how to use the potential of the given relationship to make it rewarding. However, it might be not easy to find an astrologer capable of doing such an analysis.

A lot more often people use the astrology of relationships in an extremely simplified, primitive way. Are Aries and Libra compatible? The correct answer would be: it depends, but it would not satisfy the seekers of easy answers.

Augustina Semenko used the knowledge of the Universal Cycle to create an approach to understanding of relationships which would be simple enough, so that it could be used by everyone, but at the same time sophisticated enough, so that it could make people think rather than blindly accept a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. This approach was a part of her course for newcomers to astrology.

The main point of this approach is that there is neither absolute compatibility nor complete incompatibility. Relationships are a result of mutual creativity and how beautiful or ugly they’ll prove to be isn’t a predefined constant. It’s like a masterpiece created by the partners gradually over the years. Astrological factors, at least when used at the simple level of the signs of the zodiac, only show the type of the relationship, and each of the types has both its strong and weak sides.

To follow Augustina’s ideas, you’ll need to have a general understanding of the Universal Cycle which was explained in the previous articles of the series:

You will also need to know the sequence of the signs of the zodiac shown in this picture:

The Zodiac

(If you are not familiar with astrological symbols, here is a cheat sheet for you)

Here are the steps:

  1. Choose the sign of the zodiac which will represent each of the partners. You can use the Sun Sign (aka “star sign”) or the Moon Sign. You can approach the same relationship in a few different ways by using the Sun Signs of the partners first, then their Moon Signs. You can also get an important insight by using the Sun Sign for one partner while the Moon Sign for another, and vice versa. In what follows, I will describe a single take on understanding a relationship, where one partner is represented by sign A while the other by sign B.
  2. Choose who will be the ‘first’ partner and who will be the ‘second’. Typically, relationships are not symmetric, and you need to chose from which partner’s viewpoint you are going to analyse them. If you are studying your own relationships, it will be natural to put yourself in the first place and your partner in the second place. Later, you might want to swap the roles and to try and see the relationship from your partner’s viewpoint.
  3. Count from the first sign to the second sign. This will tell you which phase of the Universal Cycle, with its theme, energy and dynamics, the second partner brings into the life of the first partner. If the second partner’s sign is the same as the first partner’s sign, for example Aries and Aries, the count will be 1, and so this will be a relationship of the first phase. If the second partner’s sign is the second from the first partner’s sign (for example, Taurus is the second sign from Aries), then the relationship is of the second phase of the Universal Cycle, and so on.

I will be discussing the types of relationships in pairs, first looking from the side of one partner, then from the other partner’s side. For example, the next section will be about the 2nd phase relationship, like Aries -- Taurus one. If you look at this relationship from the other partner’s side (Taurus -- Aries), you’ll see that it becomes a 12th phase relationship. So we have the 2nd and the 12th phases working together, and it makes sense to discuss them together. To avoid confusion, I will also list all the pairs of signs that form the discussed type of relationship.

The 2nd/12th Phases Relationship

The pairs of the signs that form this type of relationship are:

  • Aries -- Taurus,
  • Taurus -- Gemini,
  • Gemini -- Cancer,
  • Cancer -- Leo,
  • Leo -- Virgo,
  • Virgo -- Libra,
  • Libra -- Scorpio,
  • Scorpio -- Sagittarius,
  • Sagittarius -- Capricorn,
  • Capricorn -- Aquarius,
  • Aquarius -- Pisces,
  • Pisces -- Aries

Some of the major themes of the second phase are ownership, resources, and valuables, so the idea of possession is prominent here. Therefore there can be a strong attachment in this kind of relationships; the first partner may value highly the second partner, consider him or her the dearest person, something most precious in every sense.

On the other hand, there might emerge an attitude like the second partner is a kind of property, a thing, something belonging to the first one, something the first partner has in his or her disposal. Also the material, physical side of the relationship can be emphasised strongly.

The dynamic meaning of the second phase tells us that the attitude of the first partner to the second can be characterised by ‘reaction’, and there can be a question whether the amount of resources is sufficient for moving ahead. We can see this kind of dynamics when an initiative of an idealistic Aries meets the pragmatic, realistic worldview of a Taurus. This relationship could be ideal for making something real happen, but on the other hand it can be very difficult for this kind of partners to reach an agreement.

Finally, the keywords for the energy of the second phase are adjustment, coercion, and this can be a prominent theme in such kind of relationships. Again, it can be good as chances are the partners will never get used to each other and so the initial attraction will not be replaced by boredom, but on the other hand too much of coercion isn’t a good thing.

If we now look at the same relationship from the second sign’s viewpoint, we’ll see that the first sign, counted counterclockwise around the zodiac, will the the twelfth from the second, and so we have the twelfth phase theme here. This means that the first partner can be seen as an oppressor, someone who imposes limitations and causes the feeling of isolation and loneliness. On the other hand, the same theme can be understood as he or she is a highly spiritual person who is ready to sacrifice just anything for the loved ones.

The dynamic content of the twelfth phase might give this relationship the sense of finality: “this is my partner forever, and I don’t need anyone else”. As the other side of the coin, there can be a feeling like this partnership puts an end to the “normal life”.

The energy of the twelfth phase tells us that the inner, hidden side of such relationships is much richer and deeper than what can be seen from the outside.

This was one of the possible types of relationships, or in fact two types resulting from viewing the same relationship from the viewpoint of both partners. Can you now tell me now if, for example, Aries is compatible with Taurus? Or is Pisces compatible with Aries? I hope the answer will be: it depends on how well you understand what’s going on in the relationships, and whether you prefer to emphasise the creative, positive aspects of the relationship or the chaotic, difficult ones.

Now, let’s have a look at the next type.

The 3rd/11th Phases Relationship

This is a relationship between the following pairs of signs:

  • Aries -- Gemini,
  • Taurus -- Cancer,
  • Gemini -- Leo,
  • Cancer -- Virgo,
  • Leo -- Libra,
  • Virgo -- Scorpio,
  • Libra -- Sagittarius,
  • Scorpio -- Capricorn,
  • Sagittarius -- Aquarius,
  • Capricorn -- Pisces,
  • Aquarius -- Aries,
  • Pisces -- Taurus.

The second partner brings into the life of the first partner the theme of the third phase of the Universal Cycle, and so he or she can be like a brother or sister, or a neighbour, a source of information, or an interesting interlocutor.

The dynamics of the third phase tell us that it is important for this type of relationship what’s going on in the near environment, what happens in everyday life. This is quite an open type of relationship; there can be an impression that it isn’t sufficient for these partners to have just each other, they expect surrounding people and events to add some value to their interactions.

This relationship is usually easygoing, light-hearted, without obsession or overburdening, which corresponds to the energy of the third phase: a choice of one possible option out of many available. A person may choose a partner for this type of relationship because he or she is very interesting to communicate with, but once the interest wanes, a different partner can be chosen, without much tragedy.

Looking from the side of the second partner, we get the eleventh phase of the Universal Cycle. This is also an easygoing type of relationships, although a somewhat more persistent. An existence of a strong common interest, or some mutual creative potential, is important for the eleventh phase. The partner is seen as a friend or a confederate, i.e. someone special, whose interests and aspirations are understood and appreciated. It isn’t just a random acquaintance but someone who can share our life path. He or she helps us to realise our hopes and wishes, to plan for the future. Still, this is not a rock-solid type of relationship: our interests do change from time to time, and the choice of partner may change too.

Is this type of relationship good or bad? On one hand, it can motivate one partner to keep finding something new and interesting in the other partner, for many years, but on the other hand there can be a desire to keep changing partners, in order to find something “most interesting”. As usual, it is up to our free will which path we are going to choose.

The 4th/10th Phase Relationship

This type of relationship is formed by the following pairs of signs:

  • Aries -- Cancer,
  • Taurus -- Leo,
  • Gemini -- Virgo,
  • Cancer -- Libra,
  • Leo -- Scorpio,
  • Virgo -- Sagittarius,
  • Libra -- Capricorn,
  • Scorpio -- Aquarius,
  • Sagittarius -- Pisces,
  • Capricorn -- Aries,
  • Aquarius -- Taurus,
  • Pisces -- Gemini.

For the energy of both the 4th and the 10th phases of the Universal Cycle, the keywords “mobilisation of force” are used. This means plenty of dynamism, and a large amount of energy that needs to be spent. We could say that there is always a substantial charge of energy between the partners in this type of relationship, and there might be a thunderbolt striking from time to time. The energy per se is neither good nor bad. When two people meet in this kind of relationship, they can do a lot, but what are they going to do to spend their mutual energy? Will they choose to fight? Or maybe to love each other passionately?

One thing is guaranteed: while staying together, these people will never get bored. It is unlikely that they will be able to stay idle and relaxed in the presence of each other: if their high mutual energy won’t be used for something, it will splash out by itself as fights and conflicts. On the other hand, such partners can work together and solve together complex problems very successfully. If these partners go together on holidays, they’d better choose some active kind of holidays, some kind of sport, or an adventure.

What else can we say about this type of relationship by referring to the themes of the 4th and the 10th phases?

The fourth phase is related to home, firm foundation, protection from the hostile influences of the outside world; this secure environment allows the person to act confidently, show initiative, implement the available potential. This is how the partner of the first sign (say, Aries) perceives the partner of the fourth sign (say, Cancer). The fourth sign partner plays a role similar to that of a parent.

On the other hand, there can be a tendency to consider the 4th sign partner as an “immovable property”, something that’s simply there all the time, like a piece of furniture, and so can be taken for granted.

The theme of the tenth phase is authority, social position, the goal which the person aspires to achieve, and so the partner of the 10th phase (like Aries for Cancer) can be seen as an authority figure, a beacon that helps to find a way in the big world. This person is able to take on responsibility, and to bravely represent both partners in the society, and that is what the first sign partner appreciates him or her for.

But at the same time, the first sign partner might feel oppressed by the tenth sign partner, and that can result in either an offence or a power struggle.

In popular astrological estimations of compatibility these partners are usually deemed incompatible. However, this can be a highly productive and exciting relationship, if both partners understand and use its strengths rather than choose the destructive path.

The 5th/9th Phase Relationship

This type of relationship is formed by the following pairs of signs:

  • Aries -- Leo,
  • Taurus -- Virgo,
  • Gemini -- Libra,
  • Cancer -- Scorpio,
  • Leo -- Sagittarius,
  • Virgo -- Capricorn,
  • Libra -- Aquarius,
  • Scorpio -- Pisces,
  • Sagittarius -- Aries,
  • Capricorn -- Taurus,
  • Aquarius -- Gemini,
  • Pisces -- Cancer.

This type of relationship is very different from the previous one.

Let’s think how the partner of the first sign (say, Aries) sees the partner of the fifth sign (say, Leo). A beloved one, a joy, a source of creativity. This relationship can move the partner of the first sign to be creative, original, inspired, to do something outstanding, something he or she can be proud of. On the other hand, the fifth sign partner can be viewed as a source of pleasure or entertainment, or as a senseless child whose ideas cannot be taken seriously. The dynamic meaning of the fifth phase helps us to understand what is at stake here: does the first sign partner has enough of creative potential to fully realise the potential of this relationship?

Now, let’s have a look at the same relationship from the other partner’s viewpoint. What is the image of the ninth sign partner (say, Aries) in the eyes of the first sign partner (say, Leo)? A teacher, a philosopher, someone who expands horizons, develops understanding, helps to make sense of the accumulated knowledge. It is someone who helps the creativity of the first sign to be accepted in the society.

However, as always, there can be different levels of understanding. The ninth sign person can be seen as a false teacher who tries to teach something he or she doesn’t really understand, or who is hiding the absence of deep ideas behind catchy slogans.

Interestingly, the keywords for both the 5th and the 9th phases are “the beginning of a new period”, so both partners introduce into each other’s life something new, some new theme.

In popular astrological interpretations of compatibility this type of relationships is usually considered as very good, maybe even the best possible. However, as with all the other types of relationships, the result depends on how the partners realise the available potential. In this particular case, the mutual energy potential of the partners is very low. This means that they can relax and enjoy each other’s company very well, but when there is some problem to be solved, or some work to be done, they might not be able to do anything together. As a result, the relationship can be destroyed by a challenge which the partners from the previous section (4th/10th signs) could easily overcome.

The 6th/8th Phase Relationship

This type of relationship is formed by the following pairs of signs:

  • Aries -- Virgo,
  • Taurus -- Libra,
  • Gemini -- Scorpio,
  • Cancer -- Sagittarius,
  • Leo -- Capricorn,
  • Virgo -- Aquarius,
  • Libra -- Pisces,
  • Scorpio -- Aries,
  • Sagittarius -- Taurus,
  • Capricorn -- Gemini,
  • Aquarius -- Cancer,
  • Pisces -- Leo.

The image of the 6th sign partner (say, Virgo) in the eyes of the 1st sign partner (say, Aries) is that of a subordinate, an assistant, an employee, someone responsible for doing a work efficiently. On one hand, this is someone without whom we can’t do anything well, who is necessary for us. Whatever we invest into the 6th sign partner, we get it back multiplied. But on the other hand, this is someone who is below us, a servant, someone who is expected to submit and who can be neglected. Also, activities of the 6th phase, and so the way of interaction with the 6th sign partner, can be perceived as boring, too tedious, and uninspiring.

Looking from the other partner’s viewpoint, the 8th sign partner (like Aries for Virgo) is someone who criticises and tries to negate our values. He or she prompts us to look objectively at whatever is dear to us. This can be important, in some sense, but doesn’t really make us happy. Often the problem in this kind of relationship is about sharing resources — financial, emotional, or any other — as well as about control. The 8th sign partner might look like someone who wants to take a lot without giving anything in exchange.

In my personal opinion, although every type of relationships has its problems, the 6th/8th phases relationship might be the most problematic in everyday life. On the other hand, many people, especially those who get married early in their lives, subconsciously choose exactly this kind of partner. Why? I believe this paradox can be explained by the fact that a very strong reaction to the partner’s action is typical for this type of relationships.

Technically, this is called “a positive feedback loop”. One partner does something, the other one reacts very strongly, then the first one reacts in response even stronger, and so on, until mutual reactions reach the level where they consume all of the partners’ energy. This powerful amplifier of emotions works both the positive and the negative way. In the initial phase of relationships, when young and inexperienced partners need an encouragement and the experiences between them are mostly positive, the 6th/8th phases relationship attracts people like a powerful magnet.

Later in life, the dynamics of this relationship can work the other way and turn trivial disagreements into major conflicts in no time. It looks like a thick rope which connects the partners. They try to tear this rope but it is very strong, so they just keep trying.

The 7th Phase Relationship

This type of relationship is formed by the opposite signs:

  • Aries -- Libra,
  • Taurus -- Scorpio,
  • Gemini -- Sagittarius,
  • Cancer -- Capricorn,
  • Leo -- Aquarius,
  • Virgo -- Pisces.

In this case, both partners represent for each other the same, the 7th phase. The essence of this phase is partnership, complementarity, so they are the natural partners, like two halves of the same entity. They are very different and so can complement each other. But will they? Or maybe they’ll choose to oppose each other? Will they choose to be ideal partners or irreconcilable enemies?

Same Sign Relationship

These partners are so similar that they will often want the same thing at the same time. This can be good if they both want to, say, make love. Or it can be bad if they want to sit on the same chair at the same time. There is a potential for oneness, as well as for competition.

The bottom line is that in every relationships there exist potential benefits and potential problems. The result depends on how the partners understand the potentials available to them, and how they are willing to use them. And the knowledge of the Universal Cycle can be helpful in this, it can facilitate understanding.


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