The Out-Of-Bounds Planets

This article, as well as a number of changes to Lunarium website, were inspired by The Out-Of-Bounds Moon article by Steven Forrest, which was published in The Astrological Journal, the September/October 2012 issue.

The Meaning Of "Out-Of-Bounds"

The idea of out-of-bounds would better be explained with a help of a picture or two, but I am clumsy with graphics software, and I don't want to delay this article for months. So I decided to explain it in as simple words as possible, and later add here a good illustration that will work better than words.

There is an area of the starry sky where the Sun travels through the year, day after day. That area is a wide band extending approximately 23° 26' both sides of the celestial equator. The Moon and the planets mostly travel within this Sun-controlled area of the sky, but occasionally some of them leave this area by reaching higher declinations, North or South.

Symbolically, this can be understood like the Moon or a planet leaving the well-trodden and controlled by the central authority (the Sun) path and disappearing in the dark forest. To do what?

Manifestations Of Out-Of-Bound Planets In People's Personalities

Steven Forrest wrote about the out-of-bounds Moon (and this can be applied to any out-of-bounds personal planet):

The Moon is then, in other words, out of the King's sight. No longer under Daddy's thumb. We might say that it has moved beyond the Pale. Gone out of control. Or gone wild. It has broken the rules. It has shattered the boundaries, broken the mold, crossed the Rubicon. Bravely, or drunkenly, the Moon has said, "Roll the dice".

Steven believes that the Moon is the most dramatic of all the planets in its effects when out of bounds. I find that the out-of-bounds status of the personal planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) is very important too.

Some people were born with the Moon or a planet out-of-bounds, and in this case some of the typical for this status qualities will be with them for the whole life. Others can acquire such qualities temporarily, when their Moon or a personal planet goes out-of-bounds in the secondary progression. I will not explain in this article what the secondary progression is, that's a topic for a different article.

Right now, let's concentrate on the ways how the out-of-bounds status of the Moon or an important planet can manifest itself in people's lives.

Steven Forrest defines in his article nine of typical manifestations, and gives many examples. I wholeheartedly recommend you to read the whole article. Here, for brevity, I will only list a few, the most typical categories, and mention some examples:

  • Choosing to Leave, Breaking Out, Outlaws. These people have a tendency "to walk away from situations which more conventional individuals might consider prestigious or desirable", or they might decide to escape from the rules and norms of the society they were born into. They can also ignore the society's expectations in relation to their gender, or age, or something else. Some examples are "1960s music star Cat Stevens, who left his stardom behind to follow his muslim faith" and Amelia Earhart, an American aviation pioneer who was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Geniuses. Those who "think outside the box". A great example is Albert Einstein.
  • Zany Characters - the former Russian president Boris Yeltsin is a good example.
  • Sociopaths and Criminals. One example here is Carlos the Jackal, the international assassin.

How To Find Out Whether You Are An Out-Of-Bounds Person

You probably know the most popular page of Lunarium website, the Moon Sign Calculator, don't you?

I've added a little bit more code to it, so now behind the scenes it calculates the Moon's declination and checks if the Moon is out-of-bounds. If yes, then right before the description of the calculated Moon Sign the calculator displays a message like this:

The Moon is Out-Of-Bounds

And there is a link to this article.

That's for the Moon which, according to Steven Forrest, is the most important of the out-of-bounds factors.

Equally easily you can find out whether your Mercury is out-of-bounds or not, just visit the brand new Mercury Calculator. It is still a work-in-progress, and I am writing several articles from which you'll learn how to understand what the calculator says about your Mercury. However, if the declination of the calculated Mercury is out-of-bounds, you'll see this message, right under the zodiacal position of Mercury:


As for the other two personal planets, Venus and Mars, I am planning to create for them similar calculators in the near future, just wait a little bit.

So, have you found out whether you are an out-of-bounds person, like myself?


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