Micro-Lessons of Astrology

Micro-Lesson #1. The Astrological Symbols. The very first step in learning astrology is learning its alphabet: the symbols used for the planets and the signs of the zodiac.

Micro-Lesson #2. The Zodiac. Learn the names of the signs of the zodiac by heart, and their sequence. You need to know this sequence very well, and you should be able to confidently recite it backwards and forwards, starting from any sign.

Micro-Lesson #3. The Elements. This lesson introduces the astrological Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. This knowledge will help you to better understand the signs of the zodiac, but also, by remembering the patterns made in the zodiacal circle by the signs belonging to the same element, you'll be able to navigate the zodiac more confidently.

Micro-Lesson #4. The Qualities. This lesson introduces the idea of astrological qualities: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. They can be a valuable key to better understanding of yourself and other people, and they will also add another important pattern to your knowledge of the zodiac.

Micro-Lesson #5. Understanding the Signs of the Zodiac as a Combination of an Element and a Quality. If you know the Element and the Quality of a particular sign of the zodiac, you can write a decent portrait of this sign yourself, without help from any books. Try it!

Micro-Lesson #6. The Planets. Planets: personal, social, higher. The Lunar Nodes, aka Rahu and Ketu, aka the Dragon's Head and Tail. The Chaldean sequence of planets.

Micro-Lesson #7. The Ecliptic. A gentle, step-by-step, non-technical-reader-friendly explanation of what the ecliptic is.

Micro-Lesson #8. The Ecliptic and the Celestial Equator. An explanation of the celestial equator and how it is related to the ecliptic. The points equinoxes, vernal and autumnal.

Micro-Lesson #9. The Sun's Journey. This lesson brings the ecliptic, the celestial equator and the relationship between them to life by discussing the Sun's journey around the year.




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