Lunarium Books

The Moon Sign Book

  • An in-depth explanation of what the Moon Sign is. The Moon Sign in parents and children, its significance for health and for understanding the personality.
  • Many examples of celebrities for each of the Moon Signs.
  • The Moon and Compatibility.
  • The Moon and Surgery.
  • and more...

Void-of-Course Moon Series

  • The history of the void-of-course concept. It is over a thousand years old and was used by many famous astrologers. It was also taken into account by the President Reagan.
  • An in-depth explanation of what a void-of-course period really is.
  • A discussion of the ways how void-of-course periods can be used in a daily life.
  • An explanation of how dates and times of void-of-course periods can be found out.
  • A separate book with the dates and times of the void-of-course periods for many years, for many different time zones.

DIY Astrology Series

This series presents a range of ideas and methods from the traditional astrology, but simplified, explained and demonstrated in such a way that they can be used by everyone without much effort.

The first book of the series deals with the secondary progression and shows how one can easily predict the major phases in a person's life using nothing but a calendar.









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