The Moon Sign Book


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What is the Moon Sign? An in-depth explanation.

Many examples of celebrities for each of the Moon Signs.

Moon Sign in the family.

How different Moon Signs recover from stress.

Health and diet for different Moon Signs.

A surprise moment for each Moon Sign (Aries and painters, Taurus and mystics, Capricorn and prominent male actors...)

The Moon and Surgery.

The Moon Signs and compatibility.

Over 250 pages of high quality content.

Paperback Version Kindle version PDF, ePub and MOBI versions

The main reason why I decided to write this book is because the Moon Sign is one of the most important astrological characteristics (if not the most important one), but there are very few people in the world who are aware of their Moon Sign. I do believe wholeheartedly that the knowledge of astrology can help people to live a happier and healthier life, and the Moon Sign is a very important part of that knowledge.

The other important reason is that I found that the best way to learn about a particular Moon Sign is to study the lives of those people who have or had that Moon Sign. The Moon Sign book is full of examples of celebrities, and in my opinion, reading those examples helps to develop a deep and true understanding of different Moon Signs.

On many occasions, such a study gave me a knowledge that contradicted the widespread stereotypes of astrology, and still that knowledge was real and valuable. Each chapter of the book has A Surprise Moment, and this is where I am telling the reader about my little discoveries.

I hope the Moon Sign Book will hope you to make your discoveries, and I would be fascinated to hear about them!

I am trying to make the book as widely available as possible, but that takes time. Therefore, I'll be adding links to different locations on the Internet where the book can be obtained as soon as those locations emerge.

  • Leanpub. This is the platform on which the original version of the book was created. Here you can get the book in PDF, ePub and MOBI formats.
  • Amazon Kindle Store. Most convenient for those who has a Kindle.
  • Kobo, a very popular eReader platform.





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