What Are You Made of, Astrologically?

The balance of the Elements and the Qualities is one of the simplest approaches to interpreting the birth details of a person, and yet it can be surprisingly revealing. Subscribers to my Micro-Lessons of Astrology acknowledge that a brief description of the Qualities that I offered helped them to understand themselves and their partners, their strengths and weaknesses.

There can surely be different approaches to evaluating the balance of the Elements and the Qualities. This particular algorithm only takes into account the natal planets, from the Sun to Pluto. It also assigns a different weight to different groups of planets. The Luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, get 4 points. Personal Planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) get 3 points each. Social Planets (Jupiter and Saturn) get 2 points each, whereas Uranus, Neptune and Pluto only get 1 point each.

Interpretations only appear for those factors that either stronger or weaker than the average. For example, if the amount of Fire in your profile is average, you won't see anything about it, but if it is stronger or weaker than average, you will!

It might be interesting to ponder on your so called "synthetic sign". It's the sign of the zodiac at the intersection of your strongest Element and Quality. It can often be your Sun Sign or Moon Sign, and so unsurprising, but occasionally it can be something very different and thought-provoking.

I hope you will enjoy this interactive feature. Please do not hesitate to contact me and tell me about your discoveries.

Planets' Positions at Birth

Sun 0° 00' Scorpio Jupiter 22° 22' Aquarius
Moon 28° 33' Taurus Saturn 7° 00' Aquarius
Mercury 11° 56' Libra Uranus 13° 18' Taurus
Venus 16° 49' Sagittarius Neptune 20° 49' Pisces
Mars 25° 03' Libra Pluto 24° 23' Capricorn

Modes and Qualities Count

Fire 3 Cardinal 7
Earth 6 Fixed 13
Air 10 Mutable 4
Water 5    


The average values for the Elements are from 6 to 7, for the Qualities -- from 8 to 10. If your points for an Element are above the average, that Element is strong in your profile, and the more points, the stronger it is. But if the number of points is less than average, that Element is weak, and the lesser -- the weaker. The same is true about the Qualities.

Below you will find interpretations for strong or weak Elements and Qualities for the submitted birth details.

The Element of Fire is Weak

Usually manifests as an absence of original ideas and incentives to action. In principle, this person can be quite active and mobile but as if lacking a power source. He or she has to wait until someone with strong Fire will come up with an idea, or illuminate the field of activity -- then they'll be able to take up the case.

The Element of Air is Strong

Strong Air makes the person sociable, easily contactable, interested in receiving and transmitting various kinds of information. These people facilitate movement: they carry the ideas of Fire and the resources of Earth from where they are in abundance to where they are scarce. The Element of Air is the circulation system of the world.

On the physical level, a strong element of Air manifests itself as enhanced circulation and accented interrelationship of organs and systems. As it is impossible to keep a gas in only one part of the vessel -- it will inevitably take the whole volume -- so an "airy" body will not allow anything to excessively concentrate in one place. As a result, any illnesses are defeated easier, as it is the whole body that fights them in a coordinated way. However, if the pathogenic force is too strong, the resulting complications can be more severe, compared to the other Elements, because of the global scale of the problem.

On the emotional plane, Air is associated with lightness, openness, but also some degree of detachment. Wind is a good analogy here: it will not put a lot of pressure on anyone, and if there is an obstacle, it will easily go round it. Intense, profound experiences are not typical for the Air people. Although, of course, the wind can sometimes become a hurricane!

On the intellectual plane, a pronounced interest in anything and everything is typical for the element of Air. The more Air there is in one's profile, the stronger the "information hunger" experienced by the person, and every sign of this Element satisfies its hunger in its own peculiar way. In general, however, it is exactly the Air people who become eternal students, book lovers and voracious consumers of all kinds of information.

The Element of Water is Weak

Weak Water manifests itself as a lack of imagination. It can erect around the person the boundaries of dry realistic schemes, depriving him or her of emotional support and intuitive rapport with others.

The Cardinal Quality is Weak

This can be associated with a lack of initiative, passivity, and a fear of innovation.

The Fixed Quality is Strong

This makes the person stable, persistent, patient, and able for concentration and prolonged efforts in one direction.

The main feature of those with strong Fixed Quality is constancy. Ideally, they would prefer to never change their state, regardless of what they are doing. If a Fixed person is working, he or she might be willing to work indefinitely, just to not be distracted. But if the same person is having fun instead, again, he or she will be doing it "on all cylinders". Those who have the Fixed Quality strongly manifested are often perceived as stubborn, obstinate people.

Health-wise, the Fixed quality is associated with chronic illnesses -- those that exist for a long time and aren't acutely troubling, except for the periods of exacebration. They respond the best to a similar kind of treatment: lengthy, gradual, but persistent.

In order to switch to something different from what they are doing now, Fixed people need an external impulse which would be strong enough to exceed their threshold of insensitivity. It is typical for them to have a great reserve of inner strength that helps to counter illnesses, and so the Fixed Quality is sometimes called Vital. Their strong side is in their unconditional ability to continue plans initiated by cardinal people. Thanks to their persistence, they can make those plans a reality. Their weak side, however, is that, similar to Cardinal people, they poorly coordinate their actions with the surrounding reality. They just want to not be bothered -- and they couldn't care less.

The Mutable Quality is Weak

It indicates that the person poorly understands the real-life conditions, and is not able to maneuver and find the path of least resistance.







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