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Most people know their Sun Sign (aka Star Sign). And some people know their Moon Sign, which can be even more important than the Sun Sign. But are you aware that there are three other important facets - and three corresponding signs - that create a more complete astrological description of your personality?

The Sun Sign represents the energy of the zodiacal sign, promoting creativity, uniqueness, inspiration and happiness. It can be associated with the father.

The Moon Sign represents the subconscious. It reveals how to feel comfortable and protected, as well as how to relax and be healthy. It is often associated with the mother.

The Mercury Sign represents intellect and our day-to-day communications with the others. It coordinates thought processes, intellectual understanding, and approaches to learning.

The Venus Sign represents preferences and pleasures, values and tastes. It helps to determine favorites, from colors and foods to relationships of the heart.

The Mars Sign represents animal instincts and the will of the zodiacal sign. It rules sexual energy, aggression and desire, and determines the drive for work as well as play.

While the Sun Sign is easily calculated from the date of birth (e.g., those born from the end of March through the first two weeks of April have the Sun Sign Aries), the other four signs require more complex astronomical calculations. The Five Signs app will do all those calculations for you and display the result. You only need to enter the correct birth data. See the section Entering Birth Data below for details.

If you click on the badge below, your iTunes should open displaying Five Signs.

Five Signs on the App Store

The screenshots and comments below should give you an idea of how the app works.

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Calculate view with no person selected

Empty People list

New Person form

Entering Birth Data

When first using this app, you will find a button at the top of the Calculate screen labeled [not selected]. Once you've added people along with their correct birth details, and selected a person from the list, his or her name will appear here on this button. For now, press the button to navigate to the People list. This list will initially be empty but you can add more people using the + button at the top right of the screen.

Pressing + button brings you to a form where you can enter the birth details for a new person.

Screen for entering birth time

Screen for selecting time zone

People list with a number of records in it

When it comes to the birth time, the more precisely you know it the better. The Moon moves across the sky quite quickly and it can change its sign at some point during the day. An accurate birth time is therefore important in order to determine the correct Moon Sign.

If birth time is completely unknown, check the box below and the app will try to minimize the error by calculating all the positions for the midday.

With regards to time zone, keep in mind that there are quite a few of them, so take care to select the one that coincides with the time in the place of the person's birth.

When all information is entered, press the Save button, and the newly created record will appear in the People list. Tap on any of the persons in the table, and the result of calculations for him or her will appear in the main view. Discover all the information the main view has to offer by tapping on the different buttons there.

The Compare section in its initial state

The result of comparison

The report with the results of comparison

There are many different ways in which two people can be compared from the astrological point of view. Five Signs uses a very basic approach: if a planet of one person happens to be in the same sign as a planet of another person, that's a match. The more matches there are (and the closer the degrees of the planets to each other) the stronger the resonance between the two people.

Admittedly, such an approach is quite simplified and using it, you might occasionally discover that you don't have any resonance with a person you really care about. The next version of the app plans to offer a more sophisticated comparison algorithm.

On the Compare screen, select any person (of those for whom you've entered birth data in the Calculate section).

The Compare section in its initial state

You can share any of the reports produced by the app by email.

Help sections

The astrological symbols

This version comes with a built-in help section, so if you are not sure about a symbol's meaning or how to use a specific feature, you can find an answer in this new section.


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