Hours - a Planetary Hours Calculator for iPhone and iPod touch

Hours, main view

From time immemorial people believe that seven visible planets rule days and hours and that they can help in human endeavours if a certain activity is undertaken in a correct day and hour. Nowadays this ancient belief is used by many people to acheve success in their everyday life.

However, calculating planetary hours takes a bit of effort as you need to know the time of sunrise for the given location, as well as the correct sequence of planets. This is where Hours comes to help: it can calculate and display a table of planetary hours for any day in a wide range of years and for any location.

This version comes with a database of about 500 preconfigured locations in almost 100 countries - more will be added with the next update.

There is also another database for your custom locations - you can create and save as many of them as you wish using the new convenient interface.

If you click on the badge below, your iTunes should open displaying Hours.

Hours on the App Store

For more details on what you can do with Hours please have a look at the screen shots and comments below.

If you still have a question, or if you wish to provide feedback, please write to the Author.

Key words for Jupiter

If you tap on a planetary hour, you will see a selection of keywords for the planetary ruler of that hour.

Selecting a date

You can select practically any date in the past or in the future - and see the planetary hours for it.

Selecting a country Press the Select button, and you will be offered a list of countries. There are almost 100 countries in the current list, and more will be added in the next version of Hours.
Selecting a location Tap on a country, and you will see a list of cities available for that country in the database. In the overall, there are about 500 locations in the database, many countries have only one or two cities, but with every update of the app more and more cities will be added gradually.
Displaying a selected location Tap on a city, verify the details in the view that appears next, and if it is exactly what you want, press the Select button. Hours will calculate and display planetary hours for this location.
Interface for creating a new custom location Press the Custom button, and you will have an opportunity to configure any location of your choice. You will only need to specify its name, latitude, longitude and time zone using a new, completely reworked, convenient interface.
The list of custom locations Custom locations are stored in a separate database. You can configure and save as many of them as you wish, and later you can easily select any of them for calculation.


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