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Each of us has his or her own personal phase of the Moon - the phase that was in the sky at the moment of his or her birth.

There are four well known phases - New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Last Quarter - and many people were born close to these phases. However, in general the phase of the Moon is simply an angle between the positions of the Sun and the Moon from the terrestrial observer's point of view. You can read more about the idea of the Phase Day at

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Our personal Phase Day can be very important for any of us. Most thoroughly it was studied in relation to women's ability to conceive. Dr. Eugen Jonas of Slovakia has discovered that when a woman has her Phase Day, the probability of conceiving a child increases greatly, even if that moment falls at a period in her hormonal cycle that is considered to be unsuitable for conception, such as menstruation.

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It was noticed that men's sperm count increases very significantly on their Phase Day, and so their ability to conceive a child increases too.

But Phase Day's significance goes far beyond childbirth. It was noticed long ago that sportsmen and athletes show their best results when competition or game falls on their Phase Day. This fact was used, and maybe is still used, by thoughtful trainers and coaches.

So if you are a fan of some team, find out when the key players were born and then define their Phase Days. This is when they will perform the best, this is when the team will have more chances to win a game.

It looks like on one's personal Phase Day, his or her body is somehow powerfully in tune with Nature, and this is why people are able to do things that would be impossible on some other day. So why don't you use this program to calculate *your* personal Phase Days?

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The Phase Day app allows you to save birth data for as many people as you wish, and you then can easily switch between them and check when is the next Phase Day for him or her.

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You can easily change the time zone in which dates and times are displayed by the app.

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The screen shots should give you an idea of how the program works.

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