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Mercury Sign for October 23, 2021 4:53:18 AM BST:

Libra 11° 54'
  • Knows well how to say things that will please the others; a diplomatic mind.
  • Attentive to other peoples' opinions.
  • Good communicator, especially in a one-to-one chat.
  • Appropriate type of Mercury for a consultant, a psychologist, or a therapist.
  • Can have difficulties with making an important decision; tries to please everyone and so keeps oscillating between different options.
  • Wants to be objective and to see the situation from another person's viewpoint.

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Mercury is not Out-Of-Bounds, declination 3° 04'.

Speed: 0° 45' (Slower than average)

Mercury is in Direct Motion.

Distance from the Sun: 18° 04'


Progressed Stations of Mercury

Retrograde83y 4mFeb 2105













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