Lunarium Newsletter


1. Lunarium Newsletter #1 (18/05/12). Apogee and Perigee article, astrology lessons were moved, a new project - numerology school, reviving firdaria.

2. Lunarium Newsletter #2 (15/10/12). What's in the Sky. Sun Sign Calculator. Luck Chart.

3. Lunarium Newsletter #3 (18/03/13). A 10-Dip Recession? Is It Really a Global Warming? Moon Sign Book is Coming. Jonas Method Calculator is Back.

4. Lunarium Newsletter #4 (12/05/13). About the Void-of-Course Moon Artticle. Moon Sign Book Updates. An Interesting and Rare Book (The Stars and Your Future by M.C. Jain).

5. Lunarium Newsletter #5 (30/06/13). Retrograde Mercury: the Time of Discoveries. Moon Sign Compatibility: Why It Is Important. Via Combusta. Moon Sign Book Updates.

6. Lunarium Newsletter #6 (19/08/13). The Moon Sign Book Was Published. The End of the the Story: More About the Void-of-Course Moon.

7. Lunarium Newsletter #7 (27/10/13). On The Coming Eclipse. The Paper Version Of The Moon Sign Book Is Available. Don't Forget About Retrograde Mercury. The Demise of iGoogle.

8. Lunarium Newsletter #8 (9/12/13). The Period Of Retrograde Venus Is Approaching. The New Year - The Next Step In The Journey Of Your Life.

9. Lunarium Newsletter #9 (23/02/14). The Time of Changes. The Out of Bounds Planets. The Mercury Calculator.

10. Lunarium Newsletter #10 (April 2014). The Coming Eclipses. Retrograde Mars. Mercury Calculator.

11. Lunarium Newsletter #11 (November 2014). The Mansions of the Moon. iLuna 2, a Rought Start.

12. Lunarium Newsletter #12 (January 2015). Retrograde Mercury, Phase 1. How To Predict Major Turning Points Of Your Life.

13. Lunarium Newsletter #13 (February 2015). Retrograde Mercury, Phase 2. Approaching Eclipses. Eclipses and the War in Ukraine.

14. Lunarium Newsletter #14 (April 2015). Void-of-Course Moon Guide: the Foundation — Free For 5 Days. iLuna was featured on YouTube.

15. Lunarium Newsletter #15 (April 2015). Void-of-Course Moon Dates & Times — Free for Five Days. Free Teachings From Pythagoras.

16. Lunarium Newsletter #16 (May 2015). Freedom and Adventure. DIY Astrology.

17. Lunarium Newsletter #17 (September 2015). The Coming Lunar Eclipse. The New Version of iLuna. My New Book. Retrograde Mercury. A Free Inspirational eBook.

18. Lunarium Newsletter #18 (October 2015). Mercury and Venus Walking Hand in Hand. The Signs of the Zodiac in the Works of Ancient Astrologers.

19. Lunarium Newsletter #19 (October 2015). Special Issue: DIY Numerology Book Launch. The New Book’s Launch Team.

20. Lunarium Newsletter #20 (November 2015). The Steep Turns of Mercury. Zodiacal Images and T-Shirts. Printed Lunar Calendars. Lunarium on Google+.

21. Lunarium Newsletter #21 (November 2015). DIY Numerology is FREE for Two Days Only! Astrology and Numerology. More Planetary Calculators? Dark T-Shirts Are Now Available. Please Speak To Me!

22. Lunarium Newsletter #22 (November 2015). In the Sky Next Week. Augustina Semenko And the Universal Cycle. What Are You Interested In? -- First Answers. DIY Numerology: A Paperback Version

23. Lunarium Newsletter #23 (December 2, 2015). The First Week of December in the Sky. The Universal Cycle and the Key Days. Are You Already Buying Christmas Presents?

24. Lunarium Newsletter #24 (December 6, 2015). Next Week In the Sky: December 7 to 13; Do Those Planets Changing Signs Have an Effect?; The Moon Riding High; Your Key Days Refresher; Personal Transits; Be Your Own Astrologer; Moon Sign Book is on Sale.

25. Lunarium Newsletter #25 (December 13, 2015). Next Week in the Sky: December 14th to 20th; The Dynamics of the Universal Cycle; The Foundations of the Lunar Lore.

26. Lunarium Newsletter #26 (December 20, 2015). Next Week in the Sky: December 21 to 27; The Twelve Months Of The Personal Year; The Lunar Lore Has Won; Glorious Aries.

27. Lunarium Newsletter #27 (December 27, 2015). The Next Week In The Sky: December 28 to January 3; The Energy of the Universal Cycle, and the 28-year Cycle in Human Life; Books on Sale

28. Lunarium Newsletter #28 (January 5, 2016). This Week In The Sky: January 4 to January 10. Moon Sign and Compatibility. Powerful Taurus. Moon Sign Book, a Bestseller

29. Lunarium Newsletter #29 (January 17, 2016). This Week In The Sky; More about the Universal Cycle; Aries, Taurus, and Scorpio is Coming

30. Lunarium Newsletter #30 (January 24, 2016). The Next Week In The Sky; The Secret Key of Vedic Astrology; Could This Storm Be Predicted? The Mysterious Scorpio

31. Lunarium Newsletter #31 (January 31, 2016). The Mercury/Pluto Week; The Atmakaraka Calculator is Ready; Working on the New Version of the Hours App; DIY Astrology is on Sale

32. Lunarium Newsletter #32 (February 10, 2016). The Lunar Nodes as a Life Guide; A New Design is Coming (Gradually); Sexy Gemini?

33. Lunarium Newsletter #33 (February 21, 2016). Zodiac And Relationships: Is There Incompatibility?; The Magical Libra; Runic Oracle Is Coming Back

34. Lunarium Newsletter #34 (April 27, 2016). My New (and Very First) Video Course Is Now Live; Mercury Will Turn Retrograde Tomorrow; Mars is Already Retrograde!; Plenty of Taurus; Zodiacal Compatibility Article Is Ready; Magnificent Leo

35. Lunarium Newsletter #35 (May 8, 2016). Retrograde Mars: a Change in Energy Stereotype; The Phases of the Moon Article; Mars is Already Retrograde!; Meet the Fire-Fly; Lunarium T-Shirt as a Reward!; Enigmatic Cancer

36. Lunarium Newsletter #36 (May 15, 2016). Special Aspects; Do Lucky Days Exist?; Survey Success; Efficient Virgo