Lunarium Newsletter #1

May 18, 2012

What's New

Apogee and Perigee Article

You might have already noticed that the home page of Lunarium looks different. I decided that I should use a bit more space laying out the information, to make it less condensed, leave plenty of space for comments, links etc. A positive side effect of this change is that I was able to display not only the coming dates of the apogee, perigee, eclipses and retrograde motion of planets, but the most recent dates for them all too.

Also, it became clear to me that I need to add some explanation about the possible use of the information about the apogee and the perigee. This resulted in a new article: Apogee and Perigee of the Moon in Astrology, Gardening, and Weather Forecasting. In this article, I brought together different facts and ideas about the use of the apogee and the perigee, and I am planning to keep adding information to this collection as soon as I find something interesting.

Astrology Lessons were Moved

A few weeks ago I decided to move the lessons of astrology, which were a part of Lunarium, to a separate website. The reason behind this decision is that the lessons were difficult to find since they were hidden behind a very different kind of content. You can now find all the lessons at, and I have already added two new lessons there. That website also offers an online natal chart calculator, so you can now quickly and easily create your horoscope without buying or downloading any software.

A New Project - Numerology School

While working on the lessons of astrology, I decided that my lessons of numerology are worth your attention too, and that resulted in creation of yet another website: I have a huge number of numerology lessons that were published as a book some years ago, but the problem is that they are all in Russian. I am translating them, sending to my copy editor, and this all takes plenty of time and effort. Still, the work is gradually moving forward, and there is also an Online Numerology Calculator to help you in your numerological research. My plan is to update this calculator with new abilities as soon as some new knowledge is introduced in the lessons, so for now it offers the Life Path Number, the Birthday Number, and it also detects Master Numbers and Karmic Numbers.

Reviving Firdaria

Quite a few years ago, I have created a website devoted to the prediction methods of Medieval Astrology,, but then I abandoned that project for a while. Now that I am concentrating on my web presence, I am resuming my work on Firdaria too. So far, the Firdar Calculator was updated to enable two different approaches to calculation, several texts were rewritten, and the whole structure was changed to reflect my new understanding of how I am going to explain the interpretation of firdaria. Further plans include more examples of firdaria for celebrities, and in a few months time I am going to add some additional Medieval Astrology content, so this website won't be limited to just firdaria method.

What's Coming

I will continue to work on the Home page of Lunarium. The next thing I want to do is to provide Alan Leo's descriptions for solar and lunar eclipses, based on the decanate of the zodiac in which they take place. I think this is a curious bit of traditional knowledge, and it will be appropriate to have it at Lunarium. On the other hand, I have a doubt: some of the descriptions can be a bit cruel. Should I implement this feature or not? I hope to get some feedback from you.

Here is an example: the coming solar eclipse on the 20th or the 21st of May (depending on in which time zone you are) will take place in the 1st degree of Gemini. According to Alan Leo, a solar eclipse in this part of the zodiac causes dissension amongst priests, whatsoever Order they are, inverterate hatred, seditions, and a contempt of both Law of God and Man is to be feared. On the other hand, the lunar eclipse that follows on the 4th of June promises destruction to horses and mules.

Another idea that I am going to implement soon is a Moon and Surgery calendar. I am asked occasionally for an advice on when it is better to undertake one or another kind of surgery, following the traditional astrological rules. The basic rules for this are quite simple, but still many people find them difficult to understand, so I am planning to create a simple online calculator where people will be able to specify the organ or system to be operated, and the calendar will immediately show on which days days of the given month a typical traditional astrologer would recommend to avoid such an operation.

I am also considering whether to offer an individual service that will take into account not only the transiting Moon and its phases but also the complete natal chart of the person, and some additional criteria that need a natal chart for their use.

On the mobile side, I am working on a new version of the Hours app for iOS. It will become universal, i.e. it will run as before on iPhone and iPod touch, but also will offer a new user interface specifically designed for iPad. This app is being rewritten from scratch, with the use of automated tests, so I am going to eliminate any possibility of errors that still emerge in the old version occasionally. Also, the new version will offer a few interesting and useful new features.

A Lucky Find: TimePassages for iPhone

For a few years, I was thinking of creating a mobile app that would allow me and my astrological friends to calculate charts and make some necessary astrological computation on the go, but there were a number of problems that prevented me from investing my time in such an app. Now I can say with a great relief that I don't need to create such an app - it already exists!

Recently I've purchased TimePassages Pro, an iPhone app created by AstroGraph Software. There is also a free version of this app named just TimePassages but it has some limitations, and I can't tell you what those limitations are since I haven't used the free version. In the UK, the Pro version costs about 21 pounds, so I guess it will be around 30 dollars in US Dollars, which I think is a steal taking into account all the available functionality.

The app should be quite useful even for those who doesn't know horoscopic astrology as it provides plenty of texts, interpretations and explanations. I wholeheartedly recommend this app to every student of astrology, and I am waiting for the iPad version of it which, according to AstroGraph Software, should appear soon.


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