Lunarium Newsletter #1

October 15, 2012

After a long delay, we are back.

We had several very difficult months with too much work and very little time. Anyway, this issue marks the renewal of our work on Lunarium.

What's in the Sky

With perigee approaching, the beginning of this lunar month is going to be marked with heightened emotions and perhaps some turbulence, both in human affairs and in weather. However, a rather rare sextile between Mercury and Venus, which will stay in close orb from the 11th to the 29th of October, will definitely soften the atmosphere, promote good communication, easy agreement, and for many of us it can open new opportunities. Since Mercury will travel during this aspect from 8 to 29 Scorpio, and Venus - from 9 Virgo 0 Libra, this beneficial aspect will touch sensitive points in many people's natal charts.

Sun Sign Calculator

I was asked to provide a Sun Sign Calculator, in addition to the existing Moon Sign Calculator, long time ago, but I couldn't understand why should I do that. After all, most people already know their Sun Sign (very often renamed into "Star Sign"), and it isn't difficult to find out your Sun Sign knowing the date of birth and one of the widely available tables of dates for different signs.

However, recently I started working with different simplified approaches to calculating the level of good luck, see more about this below, and Sun Sign has an important place in most of those approaches. The problem is, it is important to know precisely in which Sign of the Zodiac one's Sun was at the moment of birth, but in this case the general tables can often be wrong. Each year, the Sun enters a specific sign at a somewhat different moment in time, and that's an astronomical moment - I mean, it is not bound to any human calendar.

For example, this year the Sun has entered Libra at 2:50pm on the 22nd of September, Greenwich Mean Time. Those who were born a little bit before that specific moment have Virgo for their Sun Sign, immediately after - Libra Sun Sign. Of course you understand that you need to add or subtract some hours to find an equivalent moment in time for, say, Tokyo or New York. According to the popular table of dates, however, everybody born on the 22nd and 23rd of September, no matter where in the world, belongs to Virgo, and only those born on the 24th of September have Libra for their Sun Sign. You can see from this that general tables can be very wrong.

So I created a Sun Sign Calculator to help to resolve such border cases. It also offers a brief interpretation, shows the precise degree and minutes where the Sun was at birth and offers a link to which displays a list of prominent people who had or have their Sun in the same degree of the same sign. I find this feature interesting - I was pleased to know, for example, that Johann Sebastian Bach and Hans Christian Andersen had their Sun in exactly same degree as mine! :)

Sun Sign Calculator can be less than perfect for some people, however, as it uses the time zone definitions provided by the computing platform of the server, and those time zones don't have a history of all the complex time changes around the world. They don't take into account, for example, that in the 1950s Florida didn't observe Daylight Saving Time, but now it does. So the Sun Sign Calculator can be one hour off for some people depending on where and when they were born. I have written a Sun Sign Calculator and Its Limitations section to provide an assistance to those who are in doubt.

Luck Chart

The fact that I am now working as a mobile developer for a betting company has revived my interest towards astrological and numerological methods that can help to find one's good luck. I've read all the books I could find on the subject, and found that there are generally two different approaches towards the problem. You can read more about my findings on the home page of my new website,

I started a project aiming to implement the more elaborate approach long time ago, and it still needs more work. On the other hand, I decided that I can implement one of the versions of the simplified approach relatively quickly and easily. This resulted in a new iOS app named Luck Chart. It is a universal iPhone/iPad app, which means it has different user interfaces depending on which device it is running on. If there will be a substantial user interest, I might decide to port this app to the Android platform as well.

I am testing the Luck Chart myself, and on the very first attempt I won over 200 pounds on an online slot machine, which was very unusual for me, I don't usually win anything at all. I am waiting for my next lucky day to go to a local casino and try a real slot machine! Will tell you next time if I managed to win anything :)

Coming Next

So far I've started, and have in different stages of development, quite a number of different projects:

  • Lunarium - you already know it.
  • What is Astrology - the main aim is to present astrology lessons I've developed in over 30 years of studying, teaching, researching and writing astrology.
  • Numerology School - same as above but related to numerology.
  • Firdaria - a website that started from a simple firdaria calculator. My plan is to use it for sharing my experience in traditional and medieval astrology.
  • Luck Lab - a new website I mentioned above.

It doesn't look like a sane idea for someone with my lack of free time to develop so many resources at the same time, but I do have enough content and ideas for them all, and I truly enjoy working on them. The only possible approach will be to concentrate on one resource at a time, do something substantial there, then concentrate on the next resource. That's the plan which I was unable to follow during the last very stressful Summer, but I am now trying to return to it.

The next step I am planning now is to add a new astrology lesson to What is Astrology.

As for this newsletter, I will be trying to send a new issue monthly, soon after the New Moon.


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