Lunarium Newsletter #5

June 30, 2013

Retrograde Mercury: the Time of Discoveries

Mercury is now retrograde. The retrograde motion started on the 26th of June an will continue until the 20th of July. You will find this kind of information at the Lunarium's Home Page, under the Recent and Coming Retrograde Motion of Planets header.

If you don't know what retrograde motion of Mercury is, and why it is important, I've written an article about that: About Retrograde Planets.

Amongst those people who do know about the retrograde Mercury, the prevalent attitude is that it is an inauspicious period of time when nothing of importance should be done. I believe that this is an overly simplistic attitude.

The period of retrograde Mercury opens to us new opportunities which we might have never noticed before, and might never notice afterwards. So it can be very important, and very positive, if you know exactly what you should expect, and what's going on in the Universe during such periods.

Two words give us a key to understanding of retrograde motion: a change of stereotype. This idea was introduced by Dane Rudhyar (as far as I remember, in The Astrology of Personality). I am using it for a few decades now, and it works very well, in my opinion.

To put it simple, while Mercury is direct (like it was before the 26th of June), our mind uses a certain stereotype, or template, to do whatever it does. This means a specific approach, a set of concepts and beliefs that seem to us important during that period of life.

When the retrograde period is over, like it will be after the 20th of July, our mind will have another stereotype, which can be very different from what we had before. Haven't you noticed in your life that sometimes you change your priorities, and those things that looked very important a few weeks ago don't seem to have any significance anymore? This is exactly what is meant by the change of stereotype.

It is exactly now, during the period from the 26th of June to the 20th of July, that the change of stereotype is taking place. All sorts of strange things can happen during this time: news about some people whom you knew years ago might come without any reason, old interests might resurface. Something which you tried in the past but failed might attract your attention again, and so on.

To use the retrograde period most productively, you need to understand that your mind is now looking for new ideas and opportunities, in order to form from them a new stereotype. It is open to everything, and you should give your mind an opportunity to fully explore whatever it gets attracted to.

Retrograde period is usually full of amazing ideas, wonderful opportunities. Explore them, play with them, forget about the routine. Give yourself a break, if you can, and delay any advancement you were going to make during these three weeks of retrograde Mercury. You will be rewarded by a new understanding of your life, a more efficient approach to old problems, and maybe some totally unexpected new paths.

What retrograde Mercury is definitely not good for is making agreements and decisions that go far into the future. You probably understand why: because right now we have no way to know what will be our priorities after the 20th of July. You'll decide something important, and then you'll lose any interest to it. That is why they say that everything created during retrograde Mercury (in terms of agreements, plans and other creations of mind) is as if built on sand.

I hope you will find this clarification useful.

Moon Sign Compatibility: Why It Is Important

At the level of popular astrology, it is quite common to estimate potential compatibility of two people by comparing their Sun Signs (aka "star signs"). This is a reasonable approach, but I believe that it is a lot more important to use for such an estimate not the Sun Signs but the Moon Signs of the partners.

The Sun is associated with consciousness, and the Sun Sign compatibility tells us how two people do something consciously together, like when they work together.

However, most of our life passes unconsciously, on autopilot, and this automatic functioning is what the Moon is responsible for. The Moon rules the unconscious reactions, habits, lifestyle in general, and therefore is very important for long-term relationships, like marriage. The single fact that the partners have their Moons in the same sign can mean more for a long-term relationship than any other factors of compatibility or incompatibility, including all the aspects and other machinery of a full-blown horoscopic astrology.

In the coming Moon Sign Book, I decided to devote one whole chapter to Moon Sign compatibility.

Via Combusta

As I explained in the previous issue of this newsletter, and in the About the Void-of-Course Moon article, traditional astrologers are quite surprised by the popularity of such an esoteric factor as the void-of-course Moon in the West. However, this factor does work for many people, and I personally consider it when planning anything of importance.

Now I want to tell you about another, similar factor, also coming from Horary Astrology but largely unknown.

Via Combusta, which can be translated from Latin as "the fiery road", or "the combust way", or "the burning way" is a sector of the Zodiac, from 15 degrees of Libra to 15 degrees of Scorpio. Or, we could say, it covers the second half of Libra and the first half of Scorpio.

This factor is used in astrology from time immemorial, and Via Combusta is believed to be especially detrimental for the Moon. You will find many articles on the Internet discussing the Via Combusta, but always from the technical astrology point of view, so they might be not comprehensible for the general public.

I suggest that the period when the Moon crosses the Via Combusta should be taken into account when planning important events. In my understanding, this is the time of high energy and high turbulence when events can go in an unexpected direction and the consequences can be a lot more significant than expected.

The Moon Sign Book will have a whole chapter about the Via Combusta, including the discussion of what could mean when a person gets born with the Moon on Via Combusta. I am also planning to add an indication of the Moon on Via Combusta to the new version of iLuna which should appear at some point before the end of this year.

Moon Sign Book Updates

My writing goes well, I am trying to write almost every day, and I estimate that about 60% of the overall amount of work was already done. I have increased the page size recently, and removed the unnecessary footnotes, to decrease the page count (this is important for the paper version of the book). Still, the page count is approaching 200.

One little problem that I have is that I keep adding more chapters to the plan, because I think they are important, and they discuss the topics that can't be found in the other books. I've already mentioned the Moon Sign Compatibility and the Via Combusta chapters, here is a brief description of the other "additional" chapters:

  • The Moon Sign and the Sun Sign - How They Work Together. Now that you know both your Sun Sign and your Moon Sign, what additional information can you get by taking them both into account?
  • Moon in Daily Life. This is about the transiting Moon, in which sign she is located on any particular day, and how this knowledge can be used in practice. The phases of the Moon will also be covered in this chapter.
  • The Void-of-Course Moon. An expanded version of the About the Void-of-Course Moon article.
  • The Moon Sign and Your Future. This idea came from my studies of Jyotish, the Hindu Astrology. There is a way to very easily predict, long-term, when and in which area of life you will have important opportunities, and where and when you should expect problems.

Now I am telling myself: that's it, enough of "additional chapters". Everything else will go into the next edition of the book.

Many thanks to everyone who found time to visit the book's public page, and especially to those who've registered their interest. Your support helps me a lot, and I was able to accelerate my work very significantly despite the eternal severe lack of time.


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