Lunarium Newsletter #6

August 2013

The Moon Sign Book Was Published

This was a long journey, but finally the first version of the Moon Sign Book was completed. It is currently offered as an ebook for every imaginable platform but should soon appear as a paper book too.

The reason why I decided to invest that much time and effort and write the Moon Sign book in the first place is that the Moon Sign is the most important of the personal astrological characteristics while only a few people have any idea about it. It used to be difficult to figure out one’s Moon Sign but it shouldn’t be a problem anymore, at least if you have an access to the Internet.

The other reason is that when you start putting together a list of people having the same Moon Sign, you start discovering things, you start seeing the new ways of understanding the Moon and how it works through each of the signs of the zodiac. The book offers lists of celebrities for each of the signs, With a brief story for most of them, and I do hope that readers will actually read these lists, because if you do that, you’ll notice an interesting effect. It’s like putting on 3D glasses and looking at a specially prepared picture: all of a sudden, a miracle happens, and instead of a flat picture you see a real object hanging in front of you.

Something similar can happen if you study the lists of celebrities for different Moon Signs: you start seeing a much deeper image of that particular sign. You understand that, say, the writings of the authors born with the Moon in Cancer are very different from the writings of the Moon in Sagittarius authors, because they see life through very different Moon Signs.

Sometimes you will notice trends that are quite puzzling, but at the same time clearly visible in a group of people with the same Moon Sign. In each chapter, I have A Surprise Moment section for this kind of trends. Some of them directly contradict the popular stereotypes of the signs, for example many prominent mystics were born with the Moon in Taurus, a stereotypically pragmatic, practical, down-to-earth sign.

Finally, I saw this book as a good opportunity to write in more detail about a few important topics related to the Moon, such as the daily transits through the signs, the phases, the surgery planning considerations, and the void-of-course period.

You can find different versions of the ebook in the following locations:

  • Leanpub - the platform on which the original version of the book was created. You can download a PDF, ePub or MOBI version of the book.
  • Amazon Kindle Store, the most convenient option for the owners of Kindle devices.

The availability of the paper version will be announced separately.

The End of the the Story: More About the Void-of-Course Moon

In the Traditional Horary Astrology, it is believed that the negative meaning of the void-of-course Moon can be disregarded in certain circumstances, depending on what was the last contact made by the Moon in its current sign (or, using the analogy of the Moon’s contacts telling a story, depending on what was the end of the story).

This led me to thinking in the following direction: what if the last aspect of the Moon before the void-of-course period defines how positive or negative, or somewhere in the middle, that period is going to be? The logic is that since nothing is happening in the world when the Moon is void then the energy of the last aspect is hanging there uninterrupted, and it can have an influence on people’s moods and actions.

Going further with this logic, we might think that if the last aspect was, for example, with Venus, and it was positive, then doing during the void-of-course period something that symbolically resonates with that aspect we might be actually quite successful. For example, speaking of Venus, we might date someone, or go to a concert, or enjoy a nice meal, and so on. On the other hand, if the last aspect was very negative, like an opposition to Mars, then we should probably be very careful during the following void period - unless we really want to do something destructive.

I am now working with this idea, accumulating experience, and I do believe that the hypothesis is worthwhile. I’ve written about some of my experiences in the latest update to the last chapter of the Moon Sign Book.

Now, the question is: how to figure out the last aspect before a void period? I don’t know of any tool or service that would offer this kind of information, but, fortunately, Lunarium offers two calendars that, being used together, can give you the answer. I’ve described everything in detail in the Moon Sign Book, but here is a hint: the Astrological Moon Calendar shows when a void-of-course period starts, while the Lunar Gardening Calendar shows all the aspects during the day.

To get you started, here are the last aspects for several coming void-of-course periods. Since most of my readers are in the US, the information is given for New York.

9:44pm on the 20th of August. The Full Moon is the last aspect before the void-of-course period, which is an opposition between the Moon and the Sun. Mostly negative, especially for dealing with authorities.

9:38pm on the 22nd of August. The last aspect is a trine to Mars. Good time for anything that allows you to freely use your energy, like doing sports or having sex.

6:01am on the 25th of August, a square to Mars, one of the worst aspects possible - conflicts and temper tantrums.

12:44am on the 29th of August, a trine to Venus, one of the best aspects possible - romance, beauty and harmony.

I hope you will find this information useful.


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