Lunarium Newsletter #8

December 2013

The Period Of Retrograde Venus Is Approaching

On the 21st of December Venus will turn retrograde, and it will keep its retrograde motion until the 31st of January.

Retrograde motion of planets is an astronomical phenomenon which is explained in my article About Retrograde Planets. If you'll read that article, you'll understand that, from the astrological point of view, a period of retrograde motion of a planet is a period of a change of stereotype in the areas of life associated with that planet.

Speaking about Venus, the most obvious astrological associations of this planet are love, beauty, and relationships. A change of stereotype then means that our idea of whom or what we love, of what relationships mean in our life, of what is beautiful and attractive - is about to change.

This kind of change isn't always easy to notice in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Before the retrograde period, we have no idea of what's coming, and when it is over and we've already fully embraced the new stereotype, we just don't remember anymore that our preferences were quite different in the past.

Sometimes, however, the change is obvious, at least for the other people. I remember how during a lecture about retrograde Venus many years ago a man in the audience exclaimed: "Whoa! My son was wearing long hair before that period, and now he'd shaved his head bald!".

It is not unusual in the course of the period of retrograde Venus to radically change one's opinion on what to wear, how to be attractive, and I suspect that such periods, which happen roughly every two years, make the heartbeat of the world of fashion.

Retrograde period is the time when we should be open to new ideas. If we are open, then we have a chance to discover exciting opportunities - something we couldn't have even imagined before. But if we tend to resist any change then the events of a retrograde period can prove to be difficult.

It would be wise to not marry or make other important steps in relationships when Venus is retrograde - just because a few months later you might discover that your decision was far from optimal in one or another way.

On the other hand, if you still haven't found your ideal partner, then try to be open-minded in the coming several weeks, and get rid of your prejudices. Your happiness might be awaiting for you right around the corner, but in a disguise that you can't even imagine right now. Just don't commit yourself to anything or anyone as yet - wait until well after the end of the retrograde period.

A less obvious but a very traditional association of Venus is with valuables and money. It is usually recommended not to buy anything very expensive, or very valuable in some other way, during, or close to, the period of retrograde Venus. It isn't the best time for an investment either, or for anything involving large sums of money. On the other hand, if you'll keep your mind open, you might find some unexpected ways of getting money in the coming several weeks.

You can always find out the coming (or the current) and the most recent period of retrograde Venus by checking the Recent and Coming Retrograde Motion of Planets table at the Lunarium Home Page.

And if you'll want to know more about planets in astrology, you will find free lessons on my What Is Astrology website.

The New Year - The Next Step In The Journey Of Your Life

One of the simplest and yet the most meaningful ways to get an idea of what the coming year will bring to you personally is to use numerology. According to this ancient science, every year of our life is ruled by one of the numbers, from 1 to 9. Each number has a particular meaning, and together they form a cycle. I will give you a brief outline of such a cycle a bit later. Right now, let me tell you how to calculate your number for the next year.

If you'll want to know more about numerology and the meaning of numbers, you are welcome to visit my Numerology School.

To calculate the number of the personal year, we'll need the year number: 2014. We'll also need the numbers of the day and the month of the person's birth. Let's say we want to know what will the coming year bring to Barack Obama. He was born on the 4th of August, so the numbers we are going to use are:

2014 4 8

Let's sum them up, digit by digit: 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 + 4 + 8 = 19.

Since the number is more than 9, we'll need to sum it up again, in the same way: 1 + 9 = 10. And again: 1 + 0 = 1.

The result is number 1, so for Barack Obama the coming year will be the year of 1. You can find your own number in a similar way.

Now, here is a brief description of what each of the year numbers means:

The Year of the Number 1: The year of beginnings. Something very new will come into your life during this year - a theme or project that you'll be developing in the next eight years. You might feel not very comfortable this year, especially if you are not very young, since you will be a newbie again, to some degree.

The Year of the Number 2: The year of accumulating resources. You've already grasped the scale of the problem ahead in the previous year, now you need to prepare yourself for the long road. You need to create a stable foundation, to make sure that you are earning enough money, that you have the necessary skills, that your partner is supporting you.

The Year of the Number 3: The year of creativity. Allow yourself to play with things and ideas, express yourself in a way that will bring you joy. This is the year when you'll create one or more drafts or prototypes of your future Big Thing. This year is especially good for any kind of verbal expression.

The Year of the Number 4: The year of hard work. This is the year when you have a chance to create a stable foundation for your future success by working hard, being responsible, paying attention to details, and working still harder. Be practical, and make sure that everything you do is of a highest quality.

The Year of the Number 5: The year of expansion. You've created a solid foundation in the previous year, now is the time to build on that foundation. This is the year of active communication and travel as you need to tell other people about your project - that can potentially bring the project to an entirely new level.

The Year of the Number 6: The year of mutual creativity. The atmosphere of this year is akin to the atmosphere in a new house, after the family had just moved into it. There are many pleasant and interesting things you need to do to make sure everyone around you is feeling comfortable.

The Year of the Number 7: The year of in-depth probing. You need to prepare yourself and your project for the very important next year. Pay attention to criticisms, try to find any potential problem or weakness and address them thoroughly. You might need to do some research this year, to make sure your creation is sound and secure.

The Year of the Number 8: Full steam ahead! This is the year that brings the fruits of the efforts, the roots of which you can find in the previous year number 1. This is the culmination of the current cycle, and the better you prepared yourself and your project, especially during the difficult years of 1, 4 and 7, the higher will be your achievement. Both financial rewards and social recognition are to be expected during this year.

The Year of the Number 9: The year of completion. Although it might be not very easy, after the success of the previous year, you need to understand that some major theme of your life, something you worked on for the last nine years, is coming to its end. Next year, something new will appear in your life, but now it is important to make sure that everything is finished properly and is ready to serve other people. Be generous and keep your spirits high.

Happy New Year!


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