Lunarium Newsletter #9

February 2014

The Time Of Changes

We live in the interesting times. Right now, we are experiencing the retrograde motion of Mercury that started on the 6th of February and will continue until the 28th of February. Before that, we had a period of retrograde Venus from the 21st of December to the 31st of January. And not so long before that, we had retrograde Mercury from the 21st of October to the 10th of November.

Looking into the future, we have the period of retrograde Mars starting on the 1st of March and continuing until the 20th of May. And no doubt, Mercury will again be retrograde soon after that, from the 7th of June to the 2nd of July.

Taking into account points 1 and 4, as explained in the About Retrograde Planets article, that's close to a whole year of non-stop overlapping retrograde periods of personal planets, in addition accompanied by hard aspects of heavy planets - mostly Uranus and Pluto (quite a troublesome pair), but also with Jupiter adding a bit of fun in April and May 2014.

This kind of combination doesn't happen every year, and not even every decade, although the year 2012 was quite similar. Such a configuration of celestial factors, from the astrological point of view, points to a period of major changes, both in our personal lives and in the world in general.

The most important attitude in a period like this is readiness to a change, ability to discard templates and stereotypes without too much of suffering. At the same time, it is very important to be open to new ideas and opportunities. Many of them are appearing around you almost every day, but if you are busy crying about the aspects of life that are disappearing forever or worrying about the future, you might be losing some precious chances, the seeds of your future success.

Be brave, be open, be honest with yourself and the others, and the future won't fail you.

As usual, you can find the details of the current and coming periods of retrograde motion of personal planets on the home page of Lunarium, under the "Recent and Coming Retrograde Motion of Planets" header.

The Out Of Bounds Planets

Quite appropriately for the mood of the time, I've introduced to Lunarium a new topic. It is about astrological factors that point to the potential of going beyond the ordinary, of breaking a new ground.

You will find the details in The Out-Of-Bounds Planets article. To help you to check whether you are an "out-of-bounds person" or not, I've added a little bit of code to the popular Moon Sign Calculator, so now it can define if the calculated Moon is out-of-bounds, and it tells that and gives a link to the appropriate article if it is.

To see how that happens, you can try Boris Yeltsin's birthday, the 1st of February 1931.

The Mercury Calculator

This is more of a heads-up as the new Mercury Calculator, although it is already able to calculate and display many important details, doesn't explain at the moment anything - it's just all terms and numbers.

However, you can find out in which sign of the zodiac Mercury was situated at the moment of your birth, whether it was retrograde or not, whether it was slow or fast, and whether it was a Prometheus or an Epimetheus (try googling that if you are curious enough).

There is also a somewhat obscure but very important table at the bottom of the output. If you were born with a retrograde Mercury, that table will tell you in which month and year your Mercury will turn direct in progression - and so you can expect major changes in your life.

I am now busy writing a series of articles about Mercury, explaining all the things I've mentioned above, and more. I am also writing interpretations for Mercury's position in different signs of the zodiac.

To somewhat compensate for the current lack of information (or maybe to just whet your appetite), here is an abstract from the coming article about Mercury:

Mercury is associated with intellect, rational mind, communication, learning and, to some degree, traveling - in the sense of moving around in life, collecting impressions and information. It can also be quite descriptive for the person's commercial abilities.

People can be very different in the way they prefer to approach learning. Some may be interested in facts and details, others prefer general concepts and vague ideas. There are people who can't imagine themselves without a daily newspaper and a newschannel, and there are those who prefer to rely on the voice of their intuition.

Astrologers find that the circumstances of the celestial Mercury at the moment of a person's birth can tell a lot about his or her intelectual abilities, talents and predispositions. There are several factors we might want to consider:

In which sign of the zodiac was Mercury situated at the moment of birth? Was it in its own sign, in exaltation, or perhaps in fall or detriment? Was Mercury fast or slow in motion on that day? * Was Mercury direct or retrograde? * Was Mercury ahead or behind of the Sun - or, in terms of Dane Rudhyar, was it a Prometheus or an Epimetheus? * How close was Mercury to the Sun? Was it "in the Heart of the Sun", and therefore very strong and bright, or was it weakened by being combust? * What was Mercury's declination? Maybe it was out-of-bounds?

Yes, that's right, the Mercury Calculator will tell you whenever your Mercury is out-of-bounds.

See you in the next issue - I hope to have some of the Mercury articles ready by then. We also have a couple of eclipses coming in April, and we'll need to discuss their details.


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