Lunarium Newsletter #13

February 7, 2015

Retrograde Mercury, Phase 2

Mercury is retrograde now. It is literally moving in the direction opposite to normal, and many of us notice various situations that are so typical for retrograde Mercury practically every day.

For example, when Mercury is retrograde, some really silly errors can happen, of the kind that leave you wondering: how could I do that at all? How could I not notice that? This morning, my wife tried to use her juicer, and on some reason it didn’t work as expected. After many efforts, she finally realised that it was in the reverse mode (note: retrograde <-> reverse).

Transport in London, notorious for its daily "signalling problems" can become a real pain when Mercury is retrograde. A few days ago, on the 3rd of February, I had to drive to a nearby town. There were massive traffic jams, so I spent twice more time than expected on the road. When I finally came home, I found out that there were massive delays and problems with transport all over the country. One piece of news was especially puzzling: a man has been banned from driving for three years after driving nine miles in the wrong direction on the M25.

It is usually believed that if you meet someone for the first time when Mercury is retrograde, you'll never see them again. We had friends in a different country with whom we communicated quite actively over email for a few years. One day they invited us to visit them in their country, but unfortunately we could only do that during a retrograde Mercury period. Okay, we thought, we already know them, even though over email, for such a long time, what can really go wrong if we meet for the first time in person under the retro Mercury? So we went there, and we met them… Three years have passed since then, and it so happened that we never saw those people again, even though the holidays we spent together were absolutely great. Somehow, since then our interests drifted in different directions, and we stopped even communicating with those friends. What a shame.

On the positive side, from each retrograde period I expect a gift, an interesting idea of one or another kind. When Mercury goes backwards, new doors are shown to us, and we are free to try and open some of them. The current period wasn’t that interesting for me: there were many distractions, various obstacles, but nothing that would get me excited… until yesterday. Yesterday I decided to read a book that was waiting on a shelf for a few months, and that book reminded me of yet another book, the one that was waiting on a shelf for a few years. Once I opened that other book, I couldn’t close it. I keep reading it non-stop, forgetting about everything else, and only made a break to write this issue. I don’t know if the ideas I’ve just found will be important for me long-term, but they will definitely change my way of thinking. That’s a kind of gift I expect from each period of retrograde Mercury.

Mercury will turn direct on the 11th of February, but the effects of retrograde motion will still be felt for a while, most probably until the 3rd of March, when Mercury will finally leave the retrograde zone.

Here are a couple of links to more information on retrograde Mercury:


Approaching Eclipses. Eclipses and the War in Ukraine

There is a total solar eclipse coming on the 20th of March. It will be seen as total in Svalbard (Norway) and the Faroe Islands. As a partial eclipse, it will be seen in Europe, northern and eastern Asia and northern and western Africa. The point of totality will be at 9:45am UTC.

According to Bernadette Brady, this eclipse is labeled in Saros series as 17 South and can be associated with sudden success in group projects or personal relationship matters. It can bring “happiness in love, thinking of love matters, good news concerning relationships or creative expression with a group” (quoted from Predictive Astrology, The Eagle and the Lark by Bernadette Brady). In other words, the influence of this eclipse is expected to be rather positive. Interestingly, it will take place in the very last degree of the tropical zodiac, so it can be symbolically related to all sorts of endings and completions.

Another approaching eclipse is a total lunar one that will take place on the 4th of April, at almost precisely midday UTC. It will be seen as total in Eastern Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Japan, and Russian Far East.

Now, when you look at the eclipses like this, when they are still in the future, you can't really see how powerful and meaningful they might become. Many astrologers believe that eclipses create some hidden but powerful reserves of energy in the sky that might be triggered much later, sometimes a few years after the eclipse took place. Let me show you the results of an investigation I’ve done recently.

There are many different problems in the world today, but for me the most horrible of them is the war in Ukraine. I am originally from Russia, and Ukrainians and Russians used to be pretty much the same nation, for many centuries, with very strong connections between them. Now they are fighting, and killing, and hating each other. How could that happen? For me, such a powerful outburst of violent energy can quite possibly be associated with an eclipse. Traditionally, it is believed that an eclipse shows itself most powerfully in those areas of the world where it was visible. So I checked which solar eclipses in the recent years were visible in Ukraine.

I found a partial solar eclipse on the 4th of January 2011. Although it was partial, its area of 90% visibility covered all Europe, all Ukraine and the European part of Russia. 90% is quite a lot, the eclipse was clearly visible in all those areas. But was that eclipse, four years ago, really relevant for the current war in Ukraine? Let’s pay attention to one important fact: that eclipse took place in the 14th degree of Capricorn.

Fast forward to February 2014, when the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began. The very beginning was on the 27–28th of February when, according to the BBC website, ‘pro-Russian gunmen seized key buildings in the Crimean capital, Simferopol’. If we look into an ephemerides, we’ll immediately notice that Pluto, the planet associated with violence, entered the 14th degree of Capricorn on the 26th of February 2014. Isn’t that an impressive confirmation of the importance of that eclipse of January 2011? The violence of this plutonian trigger is further increased by the square of Uranus that is formed time and again. The last of the series of these squares will happen in the middle of March, but Pluto won’t leave the 14th degree of Capricorn for good until the end of November 2015. I don’t think the conflict will find a resolution until then, unfortunately.

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