Lunarium Newsletter #17

January 2015

The Coming Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse is approaching. It will take place, depending on the time zone, either later today (in the USA) or in the early hours of tomorrow (in the Eastern hemisphere). The GMT time is 2:48. That'll be 10:48pm in New York, 7:48pm in Los Angeles. It is going to be a so called "Blood Moon", as it is expected that, when in the Earth's shadow, the Moon will have a red glow. This particular eclipse will happen right at the perigee, i.e. when the Moon will be at the point of its orbit where it is the closest to the Earth, so the effect of the eclipse can be stronger than usual.

Astrologically, the eclipse will happen in the beginning of Aries, at 4°40', so it might trigger something important in the lives of those born in the end of March, or in the end of September. 

According to Bernadette Brady, who has done an extensive research on eclipses, the keywords for this particular eclipse will be "Common or joint plans, business contracts and forming associations for joint interest".  

Alan Leo's predictions in The Complete Dictionary of Astrology are quite gloomy; no doubt they were taken from some really old source. Anyway, here is what he wrote about the coming eclipse:

When the Moon is eclipsed in the 1st Decanate of Aries, she denotes fevers, destruction of woods by fire, and a dryness of the air.

As usual, at the time of a lunar eclipse I advise to be careful, not overload yourself physically and emotionally, especially if you know you have some health problems. Do not over-eat or over-drink. Any eclipse is a stressful time for our bodies.

Let me remind you that, as usual, you can find all up-to-date information about the Moon, including eclipses, apogee and perigee, at the home page of Lunarium.

The New Version of iLuna

A few months ago, I released a new version of iLuna for iPhone, it's version 2.1.1 now. The two biggest changes are:

1) The app now displays information for the lunar mansions.
2) The app sends you notifications when something of notice happens. 

Behind the scenes, however, a lot of work was done, and a completely new database was created, with plenty of information for the still coming versions of iLuna. Unavoidably, a few bugs were introduced. I believe I fixed most of them in the latest update, but there are still, although relatively rare, reports of iLuna misbehaving. If you see a problem, please let me know (perhaps by simply replying to this email).

I was quite surprised by reaction of a number of users who found the lunar mansions information undesirable and requested removing it. Well, it will require some work but in a future version I will offer you an opportunity to switch off those features that you don't want. If you are only interested in, say, void-of-course periods, you'll be able to leave only them and ignore everything else, if you wish so.

On the other hand, I will add one more piece of information to iLuna, the retrograde Mercury data. I am also planning to display the last aspect of the Moon, the one that starts a void-of-course period; I believe it is important. 

My New Book

In addition to astrology, I am also deeply interested in numerology. It is sometimes amazing how easily we can get some very important knowledge by only knowing the basic meanings of numbers, without any complex calculations, like those we have to deal with in astrology. And one of the most interesting applications of numerology, at least for me, is the method called Personal Years. For quite a while, I was going to write a book about this method, with real-life examples, and finally I did that.

I just received the manuscript back from the editor, and it will take a bit more time until the book will be published, but hopefully not too much time. The book will appear both as a Kindle ebook and as a paperback, and the Kindle ebook will be free in the first three days. I will announce when that will happen, and right now, to whet your appetite, I will show you an introduction to the book. As it is somewhat lengthy, I'll paste it in in the end of this issue.

Retrograde Mercury

Let me also remind you that we are now right in the middle of a retrograde Mercury period. It started on the 17th of September and will continue until the 9th of October. Again, you can see this information on the home page of Lunarium, or, if you need more data, on the Retrograde Planets page.

I've written about retrograde Mercury a number of times, so I'll just offer you a couple of links to the relevant information:

A Free Inspirational eBook

Here is a little book which I can recommend wholeheartedly as I keep returning to it again and again, re-reading some of its ideas. There is nothing complex in it, but it does carry some good energy. For me, it just reminds how to live a better, healthier and happier life. The book is titled How To Manifest Anything You Desire With The Law Of Attraction, and you can get it from here.  

And now, the promised Introduction. Please let me know if you'll see any typos. This text was already copy edited, so should be okay.

DIY Numerology: Understand Your Past and Discover Your Future in Five Easy Steps
The beginning of the year 2001 was quite bleak for me. Several months before that, I left a well-paid job because I was experiencing failure after failure, and I couldn't bear it anymore. Now I was doing various random jobs and trying to figure out how to make ends meet. Everything changed radically on one of the first days of February when my former boss phoned me. "I want to incorporate a company in Cyprus", he said, "and I need someone to live there and to take care of the company; would you go?". Did I want to live in a subtropical paradise and have a healthy salary? Well, why not. A month later, I was swimming in the Mediterranean Sea: enjoying the beach and the sunshine. The rest of that year was interesting, exciting, and full of impressions and experiences. It proved to be a very good year.

Fast forward to the year 2010. January was problematic. On the positive side, I had secured the one and only iPhone Developer job I could find in Scotland, and together with a small team I had just delivered a successful app. However, the company didn't have any other projects in the pipeline, and I was worried. In February, I started looking for a new job. In March, I moved to England and started one. By the end of that year, I had changed my job twice more and as a result tripled my income, settling in a comfortable house in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, right next to the beach. It was another very rewarding year.

What did those two years have in common? They were both the years of the number 8 for me. I will explain to you what this means in the next chapter, but basically the year of 8 is one of the life's peak years when many things become possible that were unimaginable previously. You, too, have those years of 8, but most probably they don't coincide with mine. I will show you how to find out your personal year number, it's very easy.  Each of the years of human life has a number, from 1 to 9 (in numerology, it is called your Personal Year Number), and years with the same number unfold in a similar manner. Life goes in cycles of 9 years. Each cycle begins with the year 1 and ends with the year 9, and each one is associated with a theme, or a lesson we need to learn. Once you know the pattern, you'll notice that something new always comes into your life during the year 1, and you'll see how that new theme goes through the same phases until it culminates in the year 8. This knowledge will reveal the grand plan of your life, and as a result it will allow you to foresee the future.

However, this is only the first step towards understanding the individual patterns of your life. Personal years consist of personal months, each of them associated with a number too, and it is much easier to notice the energy of a personal month, and to use it to your advantage, than when dealing with the whole year. So the second step will be to learn about personal months, how to find out their numbers and how to use them.

You've probably guessed that there are personal days as well, and they also have their numbers. This will be the third step of our journey: to learn how to calculate personal day numbers and their meanings. In my opinion, personal days are the level of the numeric pattern where our free will has the most influence. This is where, through our actions and decisions, we can tune into the pattern and make it work clearer and more distinctly.

Having gone down to the level of personal days, the fourth step will be to take a birds eye view of the pattern. We'll learn that the nine-year periods of personal years are called epicycles, and that there is a higher level pattern called 'pinnacles' that helps us to see the whole life as a succession of major steps. The method of pinnacles singles out two epicycles as the most important ones, and it also uses numbers to describe the pinnacles. I will provide you with pinnacle number interpretations, and of course explain how to identify the pinnacles in your or someone else's life.

Finally, at step five, we'll see our lives as four pinnacles — four major periods — so it will make sense to learn that each pinnacle has a challenge attached to it. A challenge is like a teacher who is responsible for us learning the lesson properly. You've already guessed that challenges have their numbers, and I will provide interpretations for those numbers.

To recap, these are the five steps we are going to make in this journey:

Step 1: Personal years.
Step 2: Personal months.
Step 3: Personal days.
Step 4: Pinnacles.
Step 5: Challenges.

As a reward, we'll have a clear picture of an important pattern operating in our lives like a map, enabling us to see our lives as meaningful journeys rather than sequences of random events. How can this knowledge be useful? For me, it works as a great source of hope. I can be disappointed that my new project stumbles in the year 2, or I might be overwhelmed with work in the year 4, but once I am aware of the cycle of personal years, I'll know that these are natural steps on the way to the glorious culmination in the year 8. Alternatively, I might be enjoying the success of the year 8, wishing my life would be like this forever. The knowledge of the pattern will warn me that two years later a new cycle will begin, and that I should be flexible and ready for major changes. I can go 9, or 18, or 27 years into my past and see how I handled the situation then. The theme was different then, but I find that the nature of the problems repeats itself, epicycle after epicycle. Our teachers are very patient.

I  have been studying numerology for over two decades now, and I find that the method of personal years is not only the simplest to understand, but at the same time it is very useful. You don't need to believe that it works, you can simply look into your past, notice the pattern, and apply it to the future.

In the next chapter I will explain the details of the exact workings of the method, and I will tell you the story of my latest nine-year cycle as an example.  If you follow my instructions closely, do not just keep reading but apply the new knowledge to your own life and to the lives of those who are close to you, and by the end of this book you'll be able to see clearly how the pattern of personal days/month/years/pinnacles works in a person's life. As a surfer uses the waves, you'll be able to use this rhythm to increase your success and happiness.



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