Lunarium Newsletter #18

October 2015

Mercury and Venus Walking Hand in Hand

Venus will enter Virgo on the 8th of October. Virgo isn't a good sign for Venus (it's the sign of her fall), but this time Venus will be travelling through Virgo while Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo, will be in Libra, the sign of Venus. We are going to have a mutual reception, which, according to some astrologers, will make both planets strong. In addition, from the 9th to the 24th of October, for more than two weeks, Venus and Mercury will be making a very close aspect, blending their energies in a beautiful way. This will be a 30 degree aspect, a semisextile, which is considered to be minor, insignificant — but not for Mercury and Venus! These two planets rarely make any aspects at all, so a semisextile between them is important.

Now, how can we interpret this friendly union between Mercury and Venus, which will bless a substantial part of October? It is about intellect, words and facts (Mercury, Virgo) on one hand and beauty, harmony and relationships (Venus, Libra) on the other hand. The result can be an increased ability to write beautiful words for writers and poets, to create beautiful things for craftsmen, or to resolve problems in relationships by speaking out for everyone. It will also be a good time for commercial activities, buying and selling beautiful things and works of art. Any other ideas? Please respond at the new Lunarium Facebook Page. I created it to make easier communication between the visitors of Lunarium and myself. It takes some effort to write a newsletter or even a blog post while on the Facebook page I can post any little update which I believe might be interesting, and hopefully have your feedback! If you like the idea, please visit and like the Lunarium Facebook Page.

The Signs of the Zodiac in the Works of Ancient Astrologers

I am now working towards an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. While studying the history of astrology, I found that there is an established opinion in the academia: the rich and interesting descriptions of the signs of the zodiac, as we know them now, have only emerged in the 20th century, primarily thanks to the works of the famous British astrologer Alan Leo. Before that, academics say, the descriptions of the signs of the zodiac were boring lists of attributes, nothing like what could be used to describe a person's character. 

That didn't feel right to me, so I went back to the earliest available astrological treatises, Astronomica by Marcus Manilius and Anthology by Vettius Valens, and found some beautiful and full of psychological insight descriptions of the signs of the zodiac. I demonstrate my findings on the example of the sign of Aries in an essay, The Treatment of the Zodiacal Sign Aries in the Works of Ancient and Contemporary Astrologers, which can be downloaded from here.

This essay, however, doesn't answer the question: why in the works of so many astrologers in the middle ages, and indeed of most of those who wrote before Alan Leo, the descriptions of the signs of the zodiac are limited to lists of keywords? I have a few ideas about that. If you are interest, let's discuss them at the Lunarium Facebook Page.


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