Lunarium Newsletter #19

October 2015

This is a special issue devoted to the coming launch of my new book, DIY Numerology: Understand Your Past and Discover Your Future In Five Easy Steps.

First of all, I do realise that this is a Lunarium newsletter while the book is about numerology. This is why I promise that I will never mention this book or any other books of the DIY Numerology series in this newsletter. So if you are not interested in numerology — relax :)

However, if you are interested in numerology and want to be updated when my numerology books will be published (so you could get a free copy), please visit the new book’s page and subscribe for the DIY Numerology books updates there.

Now, here is an important message: I invite you to my new book’s Launch Team.

The New Book’s Launch Team

What is a launch team? Basically I need some supporters who will help me to launch the book.

You will receive an early version of the book. You will read it. You will provide a feedback. You will spread the word about the book. Once the book will be published, you will write a review on Amazon.

I will answer your questions and give an advice within the range of topics covered by the book. If you wish, I will create for you for free one of the numerology reports developed by Hans Decoz. You can see the list of available reports on this web page.

If you are interested to be a part of my launch team, please send an email to

Thank you very much for your attention!


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