Lunarium Newsletter #20

November 2015

The Steep Turns of Mercury

If you read my newsletter regularly, you are aware of the retrograde periods of Mercury (by the way, the next one is going to be from the 5th to the 25th of January). Today, however, I would like to attract your attention to the fact that some people are born when Mercury is retrograde. They typically have a somewhat introverted mind, and many of them have problems with communiction of one or another kind. Some are stammering, or just avoid speaking too much, but I also knew a man born with retrograde Mercury whose nickname at school was Tongue because he was speaking and speaking non-stop, for hours. That’s because his Mercury was in talkative Gemini, in its home sign. I believe he was speaking so much because, with retrograde Mercury, it seemed to him that other people did not understand him well enough, so he had to speak more.

You can use my Mercury Calculator to find out whether your or someone else’s Mercury was retrograde at birth, and in which sign it was. Mercury is very perceptive, so the way it manifests itself (i.e. the way we speak, think, and learn) depends strongly on the sign of the zodiac it is in.

In the Mercury Calculator, you will need to enter your birth date, birth time and your birth time zone, then press the Calculate Mercury button. At the top of the results, you will see the position of Mercury in the zodiac, as a header. For example, for my son it is Virgo 25ยบ 48’. Then there will be some bullet points briefly describing possible manifestations of Mercury in that particular sign.

After that, you’ll see some additional information, like whether Mercury was out of bounds or not and what was its speed. This is a topic for another newsletter, but briefly fast Mercury means fast intellect, and vice versa.

And then you’ll see whether Mercury was retrograde or not. In the case of my son, the calculator says: “Mercury is in Retrograde Motion”. That’s how it was then he was born.

Now, the good news is: Mercury isn’t retrograde forever. According to the method of secondary progression, what happens in the sky, say, 10 days after a person’s birth, takes place in his or her life 10 years after birth (it is called “a day-for-a-year method”). So even if you were born in the very beginning of a retro Mercury period, your progressed Mercury will turn direct no later than at the age of 20 to 23. Again, you can use the Mercury Calculator to see when the progressed Mercury will turn direct, if it was retrograde at birth. Here is how.

At the very bottom of the calculator’s results, you’ll see a table titled Progressed Stations of Mercury. It has three columns: Turning, Age and When. ‘Turning’ says whether the progressed Mercury turned direct or retrograde, the rest should be self-evident.

Yes, it can also happen that Mercury was direct at birth but turns retrograde in progression. This doesn’t happen to everyone, but if it happens, it can be at any age, and when it does happen, it marks some major changes in the person’s life. Generally, he or she becomes more introverted, less communicative, deeper thinking, and also, depending where Mercury is situated in the horoscope, there can be significant changes in some specific area of life (say, in partnership if Mercury is in the 7th house or rules it, or in career if it is somehow related to the 10th house, and so on).

Is it always good when Mercury turns direct, and is is it always bad when it turns retrograde? Well, it depends. In my son’s case, Mercury turned direct at the age of 12. Before that, even at a very young age, he was an expert in makes and models of cars. He knew just every kind of car and could often surprise us by recognising it by the sound of its engine. After his Mercury turned direct, he lost all interest in cars. He became a normal boy, more or less. Was this good or bad?

An important point to remember is that if someone was born with retrograde Mercury, some qualities of that Mercury will stay with the person forever. Even if in progression Mercury will become direct, that won’t cancel retrogradation. Some peculiarities of the mind and the way the person communicates will mark him or her as different from the others.

This whole theme of planets turning direct or retrograde in progression is quite fascinating. It isn’t about Mercury only. Other personal planets, Venus and Mars, can make a turn, and that will mark a major life change too; more or less the same can be said of any other planet. Uranus can be singled out as it causes groundbreaking changes, depending on the house of the horoscope it is in in the birth chart. When Uranus turns direct, it as if emerges in the area of life corresponding to its house. Uranus means freedom, and so all of a sudden you find yourself free, whether you like it or not!

Here is my story: I was born with retrograde Uranus in the 10th house of career. My Uranus turned direct when I was 29. I was then a career officer in the Soviet Army, a Captain, working as a researcher, not far from the completion of my PhD thesis. That year, I destroyed my career ruthlessly. I left the army, which was extremely difficult, to become a full time student, and a bit later a teacher, of astrology. How crazy was that?! But I never looked back, and I feel like my real life started exactly then. By the way, Uranus is also a significator of astrology, so Uranus in the 10th house can mean an astrological career. Or a freedom from any career, which is more appropriate in my case.

I should probably write my next book about these planetary steep turns. When lecturing on astrology in many Russian cities in the 1990s, people would often approach me during a break or after the lecture asking to tell them something about themselves. All I had with me was a book of ephemeris, and I would open it on their date of birth and see if there is anything peculiar that could wow them. One of the most reliable tools in these micro-readings was planets turning in progressions. It is very easy to spot these turns in the ephemeris.

Want to know more? Then respond to this email and tell me if you like the topic.

Zodiacal Images and T-Shirts

Can you give me an advice please?

I started this little project only recently. My logic was: thousands of people come every day to Lunarium to calculate their Moon Sign using the Moon Sign Calculator. Quite surprisingly, the Sun Sign Calculator is very popular too. One disadvantage of these calculators is that they are not very visual, it’s all just text there, while people browsing the Internet love to see pictures. So I thought: it would be good to show people a peautiful image of the sign of the zodiac which was discovered for them by the calculator. So I found an ilustrator who was able to create some original, interesting images.

Then I thought: why not to try and sell the visitors a t-shirt with that cool image? Except that a t-shirt also needs some words, not just an image. So I asked a friend, a prominent English astrologer, to come up with some brief mottos for the signs of the zodiac, with a caveat that there should be different mottos for the Sun Sign and the Moon Sign. I liked very much what she came up with, especially the motto for my Sun in Aries: NOW!.

Finally, I used the new Merch service by Amazon to create 24 t-shirts: 12 for the Sun Signs and 12 for the Moon Signs. They are now displayed correspondingly at the bottom of the Sun Sign Calculator and the Moon Sign Calculator. This particular series of images only looks good on a light background but the artist is already working on a version for dark t-shirts.

So what I would like to ask you for is to give me a feedback. Can you please tell me what you think about these t-shirts? Are they attractive enough? Are the images interesting? Are the mottos apropriate and comprehensible?

Of course if you will like any of the t-shirts and buy it, I will be very, very grateful to you. This will allow me to spend more of my time working on my astrological and numerological projects.

Thank you very much for your help!

Printed Lunar Calendars

This is again a project but the one I haven’t even started yet. For years, people kept asking me why can’t I offer printed verions of my Astrological Moon Calendar and Lunar Gardening Calendar. I was unsure how to approach this project, to be honest. The tricky part is that calendars like these take into account the time of the moonrise, and so they are very much location specific. I would have to make a printed version for pretty much every city where my customers live, which means dozens, if not hundreds of different versions.

Now I do have an idea how to approach this, but is the demand still there? And of course whom else can I ask if not you, my subscribers. Would you buy a printed lunar calendar, with beautiful pictures, customised for your city or town, for around $20? If yes, can you please hit the ‘Reply’ button and tell me that? Thank you so much!

Lunarium on Google+

Last time I announced that I created a Facebook Page for Lunarium. Thanks to you, it is doing very well; as af today, it was liked by over 640 people, and this number is growing daily.

Today I am announcing one more communication channel for the Lunarium community: a Google+ page for Lunarium. One reason for doing this is that I know a number of people who prefer to use Google+ rather than Facebook, but also Google+ offers some facilities that can become very useful for us in the future.

So please follow this new page, and you will find some interesting updates there. In fact, in a couple of hours I am going to post there something, related to the Mercury Calculator. Something I haven’t mentioned in this issue.

Thank a lot for your attention, and I will see you in the next issue!



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