Lunarium Newsletter #21

November 2015

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My new Kindle book just became free on Amazon! Please go get a copy! Here are the links to the book’s page on Amazon in different countries:

The early reviews I’ve got are amazing! Please do not forget to write your review!

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Astrology and Numerology

I am often asked about connection between astrology and numerology. It is often assumed that since number 1 and the sign of Aries have a lot in common then other numbers should be easily associated with the signs of the zodiac too. This, however, doesn’t work, in my opinion.

Are you interested in this topic? Then please read my recent blog post.

More Planetary Calculators?

Several years ago, I had an idea of a Moon Sign Calculator, and of introducing people to their Moon Sign. Now my website is at the top of Google search results on everything related to the Moon Sign, and I am feeling like that’s a well deserved reward.

At some point, people started asking me: hey, you have this Moon Sign calculator, and you write that there is also a Sun Sign. So why don’t you create a Sun Sign calculator as well? That puzzled me a bit. Your Sun Sign is what people used to call “star sign”, it’s that simple. But of course, if you are serious about the subject, you know that when you were born close to the border of the signs, you cannot be sure where your Sun actually is. So it did make sense, after all, to create a Sun Sign Calculator, and I created it. Guess what, it quickly became the second most popular web page of Lunarium, after the Moon Sign Calculator. Amazing.

Then I thought: Mercury is very important. We rely so much on our intellect and our ability to communicate with people, and that’s what Mercury is responsible for, in astrological terms. Mercury can be retrograde or direct, it can be fast or slow, it can be Prometheus or Epimetheus. It can be so many different things. So I created a Mercury calculator. I also planned to write an article explaining all those Prometheus-Epimetheus things, but didn’t manage so far. Anyway, the Mercury Calculator is close to becoming the third most popular web page on the whole of Lunarium. Which is amazing.

The next step in my thinking is: yes, Mercury is definitely important, but there are two other personal planets which are not less important: Venus and Mars. We not only communicate, we also love (or hate) (Venus), and we also work and fight and struggle (Mars). Both Venus and Mars can be direct or retrograde at birth, and they can turn direct or retrograde in progression (see my previous post on this). Venus can also be a Lucifer or a Vesper, and although I don’t have similar fancy terms for Mars, it can also raise ahead of the Sun or after the Sun. And they both can certainly be slow or fast. All this can provide a rich source of information about a particular person. So why don’t I create dedicated calculators for Venus and Mars?

Would you be interested to have them? Please respond as I will decide how to spend my very limited free time depending on your response.

Dark T-Shirts Are Now Available

I am delighted to announce that our dark zodiacal t-shirt designs are ready for you, as requested. I didn’t have time to integrate them into website yet but here are the links to them all, enjoy:

Aries Sun

Aries Moon

Taurus Sun

Taurus Moon

Gemini Sun

Gemini Moon

Cancer Sun

Cancer Moon

Leo Sun

Leo Moon

Virgo Sun

Virgo Moon

Libra Sun

Libra Moon

Scorpio Sun

Scorpio Moon

Sagittarius Sun

Sagittarius Moon

Capricorn Sun

Capricorn Moon

Aquarius Sun

Aquarius Moon

Pisces Sun

Pisces Moon

By the way, I just received a couple of t-shirts from Amazon: one for my Sun Sign (Aries), another for my Moon Sign (Libra). The quality of printing is great, it exceeded my expectations. Here is a picture of me wearing the Aries Sun t-shirt on a recent weekend trip to Barcelona.

Me in Barcelona

Please Speak To Me!

I am planning to pay more attention to this newsletter in the coming months. The aim is to send a new issue every week. The problem is, however, that my subscribers are people with very different interests, and very different levels experience in astrology. If you could reply to this email and tell me which topics are of most interest to you, which questions you would like me to answer, this would be highly appreciated!

See you in the next issue,



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