Lunarium Newsletter #22

November 2015

In The Sky Next Week

First of all, there will be a perigee on Monday. It’s when the Moon is in the point of its orbit where it’s the closest to the Earth. The Moon’s pull will be stronger than usual, both physically and emotionally. This is why the day of the perigee is usually considered as unfavourable, especially weather-wise and for gardening. Find out more in my article Apogee and Perigee of the Moon in Astrology, Gardening, and Weather Forecasting. Do not ever go sailing on a perigee day!

The Sun will enter Sagittarius today, maybe around the time you will receive this newsletter. For me, this is good news: more optimism, more fun. I find the energy of Scorpio a little bit oppressive, sometimes.

I am looking forward to the Moon in Gemini days (from 5:15pm on the 25th of November to 7:27pm on the 27th of November, UK time). It’s usually the time when it is very easy to communicate and do any intellectual work. I hope my coming job interviews will happen on those days. Use the Astrological Moon Calendar to find out when the Moon will be in perigee, and when it will change signs.

The beginning of the week, from Sunday the 22nd to Tuesday the 24th, is going to be interesting and exciting but stressful as Venus will be making a counter-parallel to Jupiter: a strong traditional aspect which is often overlooked nowadays. On top of that, Venus will make an opposition to Uranus on Monday. Enjoy the ride but don’t do anything too risky.

Augustina Semenko and the Universal Cycle

I am writing a series of articles about my teacher of astrology, Augustina Semenko, and her ideas. The first article of the series, About Augustina Semenko, was just published. I hope you’ll enjoy it. The next article will be about the Key Days, one of the simplest and most interesting ideas which Augustina offered to the beginners.

What Are You Interested In? – First Answers

After asking you in the previous newsletter what you would be interested to read in the Lunarium Newsletter, I received a number of responses. They are grouped around three main topics:

  1. Regular updates on the situation in the sky: what interesting configurations are coming, what’s important to pay attention to.
  2. In-depth discussion of various interesting topics that are usually glossed-over in astrology. For example, they say that fast planets are strong but they also say that stationary planets are strong, i.e. those that aren’t moving at all. This sounds contradictive, so is there any truth in these statements? Or, what’s the difference between a planet in its own sign and a planet in exaltation?
  3. Teaching the basics of astrology: what are the phases of the Moon, what are the astrological houses and so on. In fact, I have a different website with the free lessons of astrology,, and if you are interested in the basics of horoscopy, you will already find some information there. But it would be appropriate for Lunarium to explain how the lunar phases work or how eclipses happen, so if this request will be supported, I will add it to my writing list.

If you’d like to influence the content of the Lunarium Newsletter, please respond to this email and tell me which of the above topics you support and maybe what else you would wish to read about.

DIY Numerology: A Paperback Version

The DIY Numerology book which was published recently is now available in the paperback version. Here is the link to the book on I just got a pack of the books from printers, and I am really happy how they managed to make it.

The Previous Issues Are Now Online

For those who subscribed to Lunarium Newsletter recently (and there are hundreds of them!): here you can find a complete list of the past issues of the newsletter. I just added to it a number of issues that were published in 2015.


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