Lunarium Newsletter #23

December 2, 2015

The First Week of December in the Sky

This newsletter is late by a couple of days: I was completing a university essay, and attended interviews for a new job, which kept me very busy. So I will start my review of what’s in the sky from the 1st of December.

The first four days of December have a slow Saturn–Neptune square in the background. This sounds to me like a conflict between dreams and reality, there is a certain frustration in this aspect. Try to be realistic, and not overly optimistic on these days to avoid disappointments.

The 5th of December is going to be a bit special. Venus will leave the sign of Libra, where it was in its home, and enter Scorpio, where it will be in fall. This will happen at 4:15am in London, 9:15am in New York and 12:15pm in Los Angeles. I expect a change in the emotional background towards a darker one, and an increase in intensity of negative emotions, like jealousy or envy. In addition, Venus will make a parallel to Neptune on the same day (the aspect will become precise at 8:28pm in the UK, so in the US it will culminate in the middle of the night). Parallel is an important traditional aspect, similar to conjunction but, some say, even stronger. Regretfully, parallels are neglected by many contemporary astrologers. The result of Venus parallel Neptune can be a heightened desire for an ideal love, which with Venus in Scorpio can take powerful sexual overtones. As if all that wasn’t sufficient, the Moon will cross the equator on the same day, which again can strengthen emotions. Be careful with your loved ones on the 4th and the 5th of December!

The 6th is marked by a square between Mars and Pluto, culminating at 8:52pm in the UK and in the middle of the night in the US. Power struggle, conflict of wills. This will be replaced by a wave of unfounded optimism the next morning as Mars will make a counterparallel to Jupiter (7am in London, 12pm in New York, 3pm in Los Angeles). Not a good day for anything requiring careful consideration.

Was this information useful and/or interesting for you? Please let me know.

The Universal Cycle and the Key Days

In this issue I will introduce you to some of the ideas which my teacher of astrology, Augustina Semenko, used to teach the beginning students of astrology. If you want to know more about Augustina, you will find her story in the firtst part of the article.

This time I am going to begin the discussion of the universal cycle by briefly describing its twelve phases. I will then explain the system of the key days, as it was taught by Augustina. You can approach the key days on three different levels, and what’s most important about them is that the key days are believed to allow you to foresee your future, and even to influence it. Sounds interesting? Then read Augustina Semenko and Her Universal Cycle, Part 2.

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