Lunarium Newsletter #24

December, 6, 2015

Next Week In the Sky: December 7 to 13

I’ve got very positive response to my previous newsletter, many thanks to everyone who responded! As a result, I will keep writing overviews of the next week’s celestial situation, and I made it my priority to send an issue of the Lunarium Newsletter every week, even if it means delaying some other projects.

On the 8th and the 9th, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Sun, which is now in Sagittarius, will be making a trine to Uranus in Aries. This will be a great time for everything related to innovative, original ideas and technologies, and this aspect can help you to kick-off a new project. I am planning to start my new job on Tuesday, so this should be helpful.

Mercury will enter Capricorn on the 10th of December, 2:35am UK time. This will have an influence on the way people communicate, think and learn. Before that, while Mercury was in Sagittarius, it was creating an atmosphere of general optimism and relaxed exchange of ideas without too much attention to detail. Mercury in Capricorn is very different: it is strict, logical, and responsible for what it says or does. So if you were planning to write or learn something that requires concentration and tenacity, Mercury in Capricorn will help you with that. It will also be helpful in a career-related discussion or when speaking to your superiors.

On the overall, however, the week is going to be quite stressful. It will give you plenty of energy if you need it, for example to move mountains, but if all you want is to relax and have fun, that might prove to be difficult because of various conflicts happening in the surrounding world. That’s because Mars will be making a square to Pluto and then right after that an opposition to Uranus (precise on Friday the 11th, 1:31am UK time). Since Mars moves relatively slowly, the highly conflicting energy of its aspects will influence the whole week, only subsiding over the weekend. It will be a difficult week for personal relationships. Please avoid any risky situations and crowded places.

By the way, did you know that you can find all the important planetary aspects in the Lunar Gardening Calendar? Not the most appropriate place for them, perhaps, but have a look. Just note that the times of the Moon’s entry into the signs in that calendar are given for the sidereal zodiac, so do not coincide with those in the Astrological Moon Calendar. A bit of a mess, I know. Maybe I should be displaying planetary aspects in the Universal Lunar Calendar too?

There will be a New Moon on Friday. You probably know everything about the New Moon, but if you don’t, just find its symbol in the Astrological Moon Calendar and hover your mouse pointer over it.

Do Those Planets Changing Signs Have an Effect?

I have a story to tell you.

Some people might be wondering whether those planets changing signs, like Mercury entering Capricorn next week, or Venus entering Scorpio last week, have any effect in the real world. I had a number of occasions that demonstrated to me very clearly: yes, they do. Here is one of such occasions.

Many years ago, in Russia, I had a friend who worked in a local health centre. He was doing some kind of electric measurements on people’s acupuncture points, to find out which of the Chinese meridians is active, which one is weak, and to make some health-related conclusions from that. The friend knew no astrology whatsoever. One day I came to visit him. He looked very excited and told me: what’s going on? Everyone of my patients today has an extremely active channel of the lungs. I never saw this before.

I was stunned because that was the day when Mercury entered Gemini, its own sign, and Mercury is associated in astrology with the lungs. So whether people believe in astrology or not, their body reacts to events like a planet entering a different sign.

The Moon Riding High

One of the readers of this newsletter, Steve, asked me if I could also display on Lunarium an information about when the Moon is “riding high and low”. I was unsure what he meant by this, and Steve explained that he found these terms in an almanac. We exchanged a few emails, and I came to a conclusion that the Moon is “riding high” when it is in its maximum declination. It will appear higher in the sky than unsual in the Northern Hemisphere when it is in its maximum Northern declination, and vice versa.

I asked Steve how he uses this information, and according to him, people go “a little more crazy/emotional” during the Full Moon when the Moon is riding high.

Are you aware of these factors? Do you use them? Please let me know (by replying to this email).

While I am thinking how to add this information to Lunarium, here I’ve looked it up in the ephemeris for the next month:

The Moon will be in its most Southern declination on the 12th of December (so “riding high” in the Southern Hemisphere but “riding low” in the Northern Hemisphere).

The situation will reverse on the 25th of February, when the Moon will be in its most Northern declination.

Your Key Days Refresher

If you are following my Universal Cycle articles, you should now know that there are three kinds of key days during the year:

  1. your birthday is the key day for the whole coming year, and for its first month;
  2. the first twelve months of your personal year, beginning from your birthday, are important.
  3. there is a key day in every month, which usually has the same number as your birthday.

The key days are important because they both give you a glimpse of your possible future and allow you to influence what’s coming.

If you missed the detailed article about the key days, or if you need a refresher, you will find it here.

The next article of the series should be ready by the next week. It will offer a little bit of theory about the Universal Cycle as well as descriptions of the personal months, as they were taught by Augustina Semenko.

Personal Transits

I was contacted by one of the readers who asked if I could create personal descriptions of transits, applied to a specific natal chart. Unfortunately, at this point in my life I cannot offer any personal services, but there is an alternative.

On one of my websites, I am offering a number of astrological reports at a very low price. The report named “Transits Interpretation” does exactly what I was asked by the reader: a description of all the planetary aspects for a particular person for the whole year. Although the report is generated by a software, the descriptions were written by a professional astrologer, so the result is quite informative.

The way how our reports are offered at the moment is very clumsy and inconvenient both for you and for me: the process of ordering involves sending emails back and forth. I should implement something more sound, a solution where you could click on a button, fill in the necessary details and have an order placed in a matter of a few seconds. On the other hand, since the time available to me is severely limited these days, I tend to only do those things that are obviously needed. So if you might be interested in any of our reports, please let me know by replying to this email, and I will implement some reasonable ordering system during the next week.

Be Your Own Astrologer

I used to learn everything I need from books, but these days I am changing my attitude. Now, whether I need to learn a new technology or how to publish a book, I prefer to use a video course. It just takes so much less effort to learn things when watching a video.

So I want to try and create a video course myself. I have a few ideas, but obviously I will only invest my time in something you might be interested in. So I want to run my ideas by you, and please tell me (by responding to this email) if this is something you might be interested in. Here is the first idea.

Do you want to learn how to write an astrological forecast, similar to those published in newspapers and magazines? I mean a forecast that is addressed not to a particular person but to every representative of a particular sign of the zodiac. Serious astrologers are often not of a high opinion about such generalised forecasts, but if they are written properly, they can have an amazing effect. And I do believe they work, while the level of technical knowledge they require is minimal. Let me tell you one story (this newsletter is full of my stories!).

In the beginning of the 1990s, I was writing astrological forecasts for a small radio station in Moscow. At the time when the forecasts were aired, my family used to sit around a radio listening — hey, here’s our own “horoscope” on the radio!

On that particular day, we sent our son, who was about 9 years old then, to the local shop to buy something. We didn’t tell him that we had very little money and expected him to bring all the change back, so he spent the change to buy something for himself — some bubblegum or something. When he came back and it was discovered that he spent the change, he met not the warmest welcome. And at that moment my forecast was aired and we listened to it. My son has his Sun in Virgo, and the forecast went like this: “Virgos should better not open their wallet today, or there will be a trouble”. We just laughed.

So these things do work, and I could teach you the simple steps you could use to write such working forecasts. You could also use this approach to quickly figure out for yourself something like: Mercury will enter Capricorn next week; what can I, personally, expect from that?

Yesterday Venus has entered Scorpio. Using the simple approach I am going to teach, that suggested a money event for me, some kind of income coming. What happened was: although it was Saturday, the manager of the company I am going to start with next week contacted me and offered better financial conditions than what they were offering before. So it does work, even at this very simple level.

I believe I could teach this approach to creating an astrological forecast even those who have no knowledge of astrology whatsoever, and in a short period of time. It will be a course of a dozen of video lessons, and the price of the course will be around $30 to $40. You will then be able to go and offer your forecasts to a local radio station, or create your own podcasts, or post your ‘horoscope’ on the Facebook, or something else. The possibilities are endless. And it is also fun, to be your own astrologer.

So, would you buy such a course?

Moon Sign Book is on Sale

The Moon Sign book was a huge project for me. I did a lot of research to discover what is common in the lives and characters of people having the same Moon Sign. Some discoveries were quite surprising. Here are my favourites:

  • Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have pioneering Aries for their Moon Sign.
  • Angelina Jolie and her father, Jon Voight, also share the same Moon Sign, and also Aries.
  • Moon in Taurus gave the world some of the most popular authors including O. Henry, Alexandre Dumas, Ian Fleming and Hans Christian Andersen.
  • Quite surprisingly, the Moon in Taurus also gave the world some of the prominent mystics: Edgar Cayce, Carlos Castaneda, Emanuel Swedenborg, Jane Roberts. Carl Gustav Jung was also born with the Moon in Taurus, and some people could say he was also a mystic.
  • Some of the coolest movie heroes — Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, George Clooney — were all born with the Moon in Capricorn.

Now the Kindle version of the Moon Sign Book is on sale for just $0.99, or a similar amount in your local currency. I am planning to keep the price that low until Christmas. So go get the book, it is almost free (after being priced at $4.99), and please, write a review on Amazon. This book desperately needs more reviews. Here are the links to some of the stores:

Amazon UK

Amazon Canada

Amazon Australia

See you in the next issue!



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