Lunarium Newsletter #25

December 13, 2015

Next Week in the Sky: December 14th to 20th

Many thanks to everyone who responded to my newsletters telling how my forecasts worked for them or how they helped to understand what’s going on in the world. I have no chance to personally reply to everyone, but please know that it is your kind response that helps me to find time to write newsletters in my hectic life. Please keep responding!

The Moon will be growing the whole next week, which is good for beginning things. On Friday the 18th there will be the First Quarter, which is usually a somewhat stressful day. My usual advice for the quarters is to not rush ahead with an idea that just came to your mind. Take a pause, at least for an hour, better for a day, and see if that idea still makes sense. The Moon will also be crossing the equator on Friday, so we are going to be a bit more emotional than usual.

Most of the week, the Moon will be in one of these three signs: Aquarius, Pisces and Aries. Aquarius (roughly, Monday to Wednesday) is good for a study or any intellectual activity that requires persistence and concentration. Pisces (mid-Wednesday to Friday) is good for entertaining but be careful with alcohol. Aries (the weekend) is great for sports. To see the precise times when the Moon will enter or leave a specific time, please use the Astrological Moon Calendar.

On the 19th of December Mercury will enter the zone of its next retrograde movement. Please refer to the Retrograde Planets page. It will actually turn retrograde on the 5th of January. It is quite typical for these couple of weeks when Mercury is slowing down to be very busy: unconsciously, people are trying to do as many things as possible, and as a result, they might have to re-do some of them later. If you haven’t yet read my article about retrograde planets, please do. I also wrote a newsletter about retrograde Mercury which many people find useful.

Speaking of the planetary aspects, Monday the 14th is going to be busy. There is a counterparallel of Mars and Uranus, which is a slow aspect, so will be active the whole day. Be careful with it, as it can move you to some overly risky actions for the sake of freedom or originality. On the same day, the Sun makes a square to Jupiter — a tendency to bite off more than you can chew. The end of the day will be much calmer, even meditative, with its Mercury sextile Neptune.

On Saturday, Mercury will make a conjunction to Pluto. This will give you an opportunity to speak successfully to someone who proved to be very difficult to convince in something in the past. On the other hand, someone else might try to manipulate or subdue you, so be careful.

The Dynamics of the Universal Cycle

The third article of the series proved to be mostly theoretical. There are three steps in the development of a typical cycle, Augustina called them action, reaction and adaptation. Basically, we do something, then we see a reaction to what we’ve done, and finally we correct our actions in accordance with the reaction we’ve received. Seems to be common sense, but Augustina has developed this idea to a high degree of sophistication. In the article, I provide her keywords and keyphrases, then explain how they work on examples.

So here is the third article of the series: Augustina Semenko and Her Universal Cycle. Part 3. The Dynamics of the Universal Cycle. To compensate for all the theory in this article, I promise there will be no theory in the next article, only practice.

If you missed the first article, it will tell you about my teacher of astrology, Augustina Semenko, her life and her work.

The second article of the series, after describing the twelve phases of the Universal Cycle, introduces the concept of the key days, which I highly recommend you to become familiar with.

The Foundations of the Lunar Lore

In the previous issue, I asked you if you would like a video course explaining how to create an astrological forecast for the twelve signs of the zodiac, like those published in newspapers and magazines, or like those offered by the Astrology Source, without learning the whole complex machinery of astrology. Only three people responded so far, which tells me I shouldn’t be investing my very limited time in such a course. If you’d rather want this course and simply didn’t have a chance to respond yet, please let me know by replying to this email.

In the meantime, I want to run by you a different idea. I am thinking of creating a video course explaining the basics of the lunar lore. I would start from the elements of astronomy, clearly explaining and showing how the phases of the Moon work, how eclipses happen, how the Moon and the Sun move around the sky, what are the lunar days, what is a void-of-course period, what are the mansions of the Moon. I would then explain how all these things are understood and used in astrology and related disciplines. This would be a course of a substantial size, and the price would be around $40. Would you be interested in such a course? Please reply to this email to let me know.

See you in the next issue,



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