Lunarium Newsletter #26

December 20, 2015

Next Week In The Sky: December 21 to 27

First of all, let me remind you that to find out the dates and times of the events I will mention below, you can use either the Astrological Moon Calendar (for the Moon’s entry into the signs, void-of-course periods, perigee/apogee, lunar days and mansions) or the Lunar Gardening Calendar (for planetary aspects and moonrise/moonset times).

A perigee of the Moon is coming on Monday morning, which can mean turbulent weather — both real and emotional. Read more about the perigee in this article.

On Monday and Tuesday, the Moon will be mostly in Taurus, so these days will be good and productive for any practical matters, as well as for cooking.

On Wednesday and Thursday the Moon will be in Gemini, which will be great for all sorts of communication, exams, interviews and other situations where you need clear thinking and ability to easily explain something.

Christmas day will be marked with a Full Moon in Cancer, which will take place at 11:13 am in the UK and earlier in the morning in the Americas (6:13 am New York time). This is good for eating a lot, and for festive family gatherings, although emotions can occasionally go over the top. However, this New Moon will make a trine to Neptune in Pisces, so it should be a fantastic, wonderful Christmas. If only a bit wet, and plenty of alcohol will be consumed, of course.

If you want to show off in a new attire or get somehow noticed otherwise, wait for Sunday, when the Moon will enter Leo.

By the way, the Sun will enter Capricorn in the early hours of the 22nd of December in Europe, or in the late hours of the 21st of December in the Americas. This will mark the longest night of the year, and this was the reason for our pagan ancestors’ celebration, which later turned into Christmas.

Planetary aspects will be mostly nice’n’easy next week, and the nicest of them will be a sextile between Venus and Jupiter on Thursday, around 10 am UK time. Plenty of love and beauty for everyone. A perfect aspect for shopping on the Christmas Eve.

The Twelve Months Of The Personal Year

In the fourth article of the Universal Cycle series I present the idea that each month of our personal year (the one that begins with birthday) has its meaning, it is good for certain things, and not good for the others.

For example, the last month before your birthday should better be spent completing unfinished businesses and paying debts. Augustina Semenko taught that if you’ll attempt to start something new during the twelfth month, not only you will have little chances for success, but you can even fall ill as a result of over-spending the energy available to you during that month.

Another month that can be problematic for health is the sixth, but the reason is different. Health problems of the sixth month are usually results of a wrong diet, hectic lifestyle or some other mistakes in the way you use your body; as a result, those problems can be easily corrected.

The fifth and the ninth months are special too, but in a good way, as they work as gateways for important new beginnings in our lives.

In this latest article of the series we bring together all the knowledge of the Universal Cycle we accumulated so far, and we put it to good use. Click here to read the article.

The Lunar Lore Has Won

In the previous newsletters, I suggested a couple of ideas for video courses that I was thinking of creating. The second idea, the one of the lunar lore course, was met with enthusiasm, and so I am going to show you some initial plans and ask for your feedback soon. Please keep in touch!

Glorious Aries

I continue my quest for the best zodiacal images, and now I commisioned their creation to a very interesting and unusual artist. By now, only one image was created, for Aries, and I love it! Taurus is coming next, I hope to have it ready by the time of the next newsletter.

For now, this glorious Aries is only available on a t-shirt, but I am thinking of other uses for it. Here it is, have a look!

I wish you Merry Christmas, and see you in the next issue!



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