Lunarium Newsletter #27

December 27, 2015

The Next Week In The Sky: December 28 to January 3

The New Year is coming! This means a new personal year for everyone, as personal years start with the beginning of the new calendar year. For me, the coming year will be a year of number 5, which usually means meeting many different people and going many different places. And how about you? If you don’t know what personal years are, I have recently published a book, exactly on this topic. It is available both as a Kindle book and a paperback, and you can find it on your local Amazon store by its title: ‘DIY Numerology: Understand Your Past and Discover Your Future in Five Easy Steps’. Here is a link to the book on

Mercury will keep slowing down during the next week, to turn retrograde on the 5th of January. Typically, during this time people feel like they have not enough time to do everything they would like to do. (What a familiar feeling for me!). The slower the Mercury, the less time we have, subjectively, for our businesses. Bear in mind that chances are, anything you will initiate during the next week will require you to return to it and review or re-negotiate the conditions of your engagement. Still, if you are going to start something new, it is much, much better to do it before the 5th of January. Remember the simple rule: if you meet someone for the first time when Mercury is retrograde, you will never see those people again. If you are new to this newsletter, here are a couple of links to my articles about the retrograde Mercury:

About Retrograde Planets article.

A newsletter, explaining that retrograde Mercury has some important positive sides too.

Monday and most of Tuesday the Moon will be in Leo (at least in the UK; check the timing for your own country using the Astrological Moon Calendar), which is a good time for entertaining, celebrating, playing with kids and other enjoyable things.

From Tuesday evening and to the morning of the very first day of the New Year (which will be Friday) the Moon will be in Virgo. This will be an appropriate time for paying attention to various chores, for tidying things up, for taking care of details. For those of us who will be celebrating the New Year, it will be important to not be too extravagant with food, and to remember about diet, if you have one. When the Moon is in Virgo, digestion can be somewhat picky and capricious.

For the rest of the week, the Moon will be mostly in Libra, so we’d better pay more attention to our relationships. It will also be a good time for anything that requires fairness and objectivity, as well as mutual understanding.

Of the other important events, Venus will enter Sagittarius on the 30th of December at 7:18 am (UK time). This will lighten the atmosphere in both our personal relationships and money-related activities; there will be more optimism and generosity, less greed, envy and jealousy.

The Energy of the Universal Cycle, and the 28-year Cycle in Human Life

I’ve just published the fifth article of the series about my teacher of astrology, Augustina Semenko, and her ideas.

The article starts from the last bit of theory of the Universal Cycle, which is the energy of the phases. It explains, for example, why the 4th and the 10th months of our personal years are usually stressful.

The rest of the article introduces the idea of the 28-year cycle in human life and shows how the knowledge of the Universal Cycle can be used to better understand what happened, or is happening, at a particular age.

The next article of the series is planned to show an example of how the 28-year cycle worked in a life of a famous person, as well as present some additional ideas about this interesting cycle.

If you are new to my newsletter and want to find the previous articles of the series, you’ll see the links to them on the Articles page.

Books on Sale

My Moon Sign Book is still on sale, for the last few days. Not only I reduced the price of the Kindle version to the lowest possible level but I also reduced the price of the paperback version as much as I could. On the 2nd of January the prices will return to their normal level, so if you want the book, better act now. The link I provided is to, but you can easily find the book on your local Amazon store by simply searching by title.

In addition, I reduced the price for my two other astrology books to the lowest possible level ($0.99 in the US), to celebrate the New Year. Currently, they are only available as Kindle books but I am planning to have their paperback versions available soon. The books are:

DIY Astrology: Discover the Main Phases of Your Life


Void-of-Course Moon Guide: The Foundation

I wish you a very happy New Year!

See you in the next issue,



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