Lunarium Newsletter #28

January 5, 2016

This Week In The Sky: January 4 to January 10

Happy New Year! I hope you had great holidays. My holidays were very busy as I was working on a major essay, which is a part of my university studies. It is about the influence of Carl Gustav Jung’s ideas on the contemporary astrology. I was so busy that this newsletter got delayed — sorry about that.

The main event of the current week is happening right now: Mercury is turning retrograde. Very interestingly, many things in the world are also coming to a halt: for example, yesterday I couldn’t access my online banking account for the whole day, which I don’t think ever happened before. Problems with the Internet are quite common for the retrograde Mercury.

The main thing you should remember for the period from today and until the 25th of January: try not to start anything new. If you do, your project will be like a house built on sand. Instead, open your mind to new ideas, be ready to notice new opportunities. Explore, discover, just don’t commit yourself to anything until the end of the retrograde period (ideally until the 14th of February, but at the very least until the 25th of January.

Retrograde Mercury period is a great time to try again anything that you attempted before but it didn’t work out. Here is a collection of links to the information about retrograde Mercury. I keep posting them because many new people subscribe to my newsletter every day.

This time Mercury makes its turn in a precise square to strong Mars in Scorpio, and you can see how this conflicting energy shows itself in different regions of the world, in particular in the Arab world. According to astrometeorology, this square can also be related to strong storms in different areas of the Earth. In personal life, the following period of retrograde motion can aggravate old conflicts. On the other hand, the high energy of the Mercury–Mars square can help you to overcome some major obstacles, especially if you tried to do that in the past but failed.

Augustina Semenko, my teacher of astrology, liked very much symbolic descriptions of the degrees of the zodiac, and she recommended to check such a description for the degree where Mercury makes its turn, then meditate on it. She believed this description can be meaningful for the period of time that follows. Let’s try to do this, shall we? Today Mercury makes its turn in the second degree of Aquarius, and here is the description for this degree from Augustina’s favourite source, The Astrology of Personality by Dane Rudhyar:

UNEXPECTED THUNDERSTORM BRINGS RELIEF TO PARCHED FIELDS. Liberation from adverse conditions through violent spectacular developments. Galvanizing to action. Cosmic visitation.

Moon Sign and Compatibility

I don’t have a new article for you this week, but I want to offer you a few ideas which, I hope, you will find interesting and useful.

I was recently in communication with a friend who lives on the other side of the world. He was already married a few times but still was unable to find a reliable long-term partner. These days, there are numerous dating agencies that can suggest hundreds, if not thousands of potential partners, but how do you know who of those can realy be a good match for you? So the friend asked me if there are any simple but reliable criteria that can help to quickly figure out whether two people have a potential for a long-term relationship. I want to share with you some of the ideas I offered to my friend.

There are three traditional rules that say that two people have a good potential for a marriage if:

  1. Their Moons are in conjunction.
  2. The Moon of one partner is in conjunction with the Sun of the other partner.
  3. The Moon of one partner is in conjunction with the Ascendant of the other partner.

I believe that these rules are so important that even if partners have many strong conflicting aspects, squares and oppositions, they can live quite happily for many years if one of the above rules works for them.

Now, if you know enough astrology to find the Moon, the Sun and the Ascendant on a natal chart, and if you also know the time and the place of birth for both partners, you can check these rules easily by using the free online natal chart calculator.

However, my friend isn’t an astrologer, and in most cases he doesn’t know the birth time and the place of birth of his potential partners. What can be done in this case? Well, we won’t be able to use the third rule, as it is very much time and location sensitive. If you know the time of birth at least approximately, plus/minus a couple of hours, you can use the Moon Sign Calculator and the Sun Sign Calculator. These will give you not only the sign but also the degree (and the minutes) for the Moon and the Sun respectively. So if yours and partner’s Moon Signs are the same, and the Moons are close by degree — awesome, you’ve got rule number 1 working for you. Or maybe your Sun is close to the partner’s Moon or vice versa — then you’ll benefit from the rule number 2.

But let’s consider the toughest case: you only know your partner’s “star sign” — which is the Sun Sign of course. Then the only thing you can do is to make sure that your partner’s Sun Sign is the same as your Moon Sign.

Do you have any questions about this? If you do, please ask by answering to this email.

Ah yes, I already foresee one question: what if you already have a partner, and you don’t have any of these three rules working for you? That’s fine, there are numerous factors that can bring people together and make them happy. The scenario I described above is really only for those who have multiple partners whom they don’t really know, and they still need to make a choice, like in a dating agency situation.

Powerful Taurus

We keep working on convincing visual representations for the signs of the zodiac, and the one for Taurus took quite a bit of time and effort both from myself and from the artist. I wanted Taurus to look powerful and reliable, but also kind. Have a look if I managed to succeed:

Lunarium: Taurus T-Shirt

And if you’ll decide to buy a t-shirt with this image, that will be a great support for my projects.

Moon Sign Book, a Bestseller

Thanks to you, for almost a week my Moon Sign Book was wearing a proud badge of Amazon Bestseller — at least on I also received some really good feedback from the readers. The only problem is that the book has only a few reviews. May I ask you: if you read this book and liked it, can you please write a review on your local Amazon store? Thank you so much!

See you in the next issue,



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