Lunarium Newsletter #29

January 17, 2016

This Week In The Sky

Last week was extremely busy. I did manage to write the next article of the Universal Cycle series, writing in the morning on the trains, but I couldn’t send a newsletter, so I missed one week. And that’s a pity, because there was a very interesting day recently, I wish I could tell you about it beforehand.

The day was Thursday, the 14th of January. The energy of Jupiter was very strong during that day. First of all, Thursday is the day of Jupiter, second, the Moon was in Pisces, the sign of Jupiter, and third and most important, there was a Sun-Mercury conjunction then in a precise trine to Jupiter. Look back and see if anything of importance happened in your life, and if yes, it can have some major positive consequences in the future.

Looking ahead, perhaps the most interesting and encouraging is the applying trine between Mars in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Right now the aspect is already very close, and it will culminate on Monday, at 11:01am UK time. Note that both planets are very strong, being in their own signs. This aspect brings a lot of inspiration and idealism. We will be able to use a huge amount of energy and to do a lot under the influence of a dream, or a fantasy, or an emotion. These are the days when we’ll have a good chance to turn our dreams into reality, if we’ll dare.

Be careful with the use of words on Wednesday the 20th of January. Mercury will make a square to Uranus at 6:26pm, UK time, and that can make you saying words or doing things that will prove to be a lot more harmful than you thought.

To remind you, you’ll find everything related to the Moon in the Astrological Moon Calendar, but if you want to see planetary aspects, go to the Lunar Gardening Calendar.

Pay attention to the days when there is a trine between the Moon and the Sun, like on Tuesday the 19th of January at 6:49am UK time. Augustina Semenko taught that these are special days. If you try to do something and it goes very well on one of these days, that’s a good sign, it means what you are doing is good for you. On the contrary, if you are trying something and it just doesn’t work out, leave it: it’s not good for you anyway.

If, when using Lunarium, you get a Server Error page, try to simply reload the page. The platform on which Lunarium was built, Google App Engine, is a bit flaky, but rebuilding it on a different platform is simply out of question with my current workload. Sorry for the inconvenience.

More About the Universal Cycle

I’ve put online the next article of the Universal Cycle series. It begins with my little research into biography of Peter the Great using the 28-year version of the Universal Cycle and then goes on to tell about the peculiarities of some important phases, mostly related to the energy level and health.

For example, the last two years before the 56th birthday can be critical because that is the 12th phase of the 28-year cycle. Especially difficult are the 12th individual months of these days.

If you missed the previous articles of the series, here are the links to them:

Aries, Taurus, and Scorpio is Coming

Nothing is ever simple with Scorpio, and our work on a convincing image for it is going slowly. Still, there is a hope that in the next issue of this newsletter I will be able to show you what we were able to do in collaboration with the artist.

And since, as you know, Mercury is retrograde, there is currently a hiccup on Amazon with the previously released Powerful Taurus. For now, the only new design that is available is:

If you prefer something simpler, although still bespoke, something with cleverly selected words, and maybe in addition you know the difference between the Sun Sign and the Moon Sign, here is our previous collection:

Sun Sign Images

Moon Sign Images

See you in the next issue,



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