Lunarium Newsletter #30

January 24, 2016

The Next Week In The Sky

Mercury is turning direct tomorrow! However, if you were waiting for this moment to go ahead with your projects, better wait for a few more days to give Mercury a chance to gain some speed. Still better, delay important beginnings until the 14th of February, to avoid any fallout from the retrograde period.

One other important thing to consider is that Mercury is turning direct in a close conjunction with Pluto. It will be then slowly moving to the precise conjunction, which will happen on Saturday the 30th of January. This can give an immense power to your intellect, if you need it for some complex research, but such an intensity can be harmful in situations where diplomacy or sensitivity is needed. You can use this power to forcefully convince someone in something, but then again someone else might try to apply it to you. There can be a lot of power struggle during the coming week.

For those who are new to the idea of retrograde Mercury, here is a list of relevant links:

Next time Mercury will turn retrograde on the 28th of April.

Do you want to add another idea to your knowledge of the Lunar Lore? The idea itself isn’t really new, it is as old as the knowledge of astrology, and the name for it is Via Combusta, which can be translated as a ‘fiery road’ or a ‘combust way’. This is a part of the zodiac from the middle of Libra to the middle of Scorpio, and many horary astrologers do not like when the Moon passes this ‘road’. Some of them would even refuse to give their judgment if the Moon was on Via Combusta when the question was asked, as it is believed that things become quite chaotic when that happens. Guess what, the Moon will be travelling along the ‘combust way’ during the most part of the next weekend. So if you have something to do that requires sensitivity and clear mind, it might be better to do it either earlier or later.

If you are interested in the Moon’s signs, phases, days or mansions, use the Astrological Moon Calendar.

If you are interested in the planetary aspects, the Lunar Gardening Calendar will serve you better.

The Secret Key of Vedic Astrology

I wanted to write this article long time ago, and finally it is ready: Atmakaraka, the Ruler of the Soul. It is about a concept that I believe is very important, and unfortunately it is missing in the Western Astrology. It’s about discovering the most important planet of your horoscope, the one which is the focus of your current life’s experiences.

Please let me know if you want me to create an Atmakaraka calculator, so that everyone could discover their Soul Ruler at a click of a button, without any effort.

It would be also great to know if the idea of Atmakaraka became as revealing for you as it was for me. You can send me a message by simply replying to this email.

Could This Storm Be Predicted?

In the 28th issue of this newsletter I wrote that Mercury was turning retrograde in an exact square to Mars, and that ‘this square can also be related to strong storms in different areas of the Earth’. Of course that statement was very general and unspecific. I was always interested in astrometeorology but never reached in it the level of proficiency that would allow me to come up with specific and precise forecasts. I am trying to do so many different things, you know.

There was, however, a master of astrometeorology, George McCormack. Eight months in advance, he predicted the Big Snow of December 26, 1947, which immobilized New York, and he sent 400 copies of his prediction to every newspaper and radio station. So it was possible then, for him.

McCormack believed that very soon astrometeorology will be taught in universities, and he wrote a cycle of lectures for the future students. Instead, his work and his achievements were forgotten, and the army of scientific meteorologists prefers to believe that weather can’t be predicted reliably for more than a few days. So sad.

The Mysterious Scorpio

Finally, the Scorpio image is ready. By the way, did you know that although the traditional image for this sign is a scorpion, the higher octave of Scorpio can be represented by an eagle? The artist had this idea in mind, and I wonder if you will notice any hint on an eagle in this image:

The Mysterious Scorpio

The last week’s problems with Taurus were resolved too, and here it is, for those who missed it:

The Powerful Taurus

If you want to see any of the other images, they were all listed in the previous issue of this newsletter.

See you in the next issue,



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