Lunarium Newsletter #31

January 31, 2016

The Next Week In The Sky

The next week continues the theme of Pluto. This is important because Pluto is still in a close square to Uranus, and much of the world’s turmoil in the recent years was ascribed by astrologers to this long-lasting square. So anything touching Pluto these days produces a stronger worldwide resonance than it would at a different time.

If the previous week was all about Mercury/Pluto conjunction (see the next section about this) then in the course of the next week two other personal planets, Venus and Mars, will make their aspects to Pluto.

Mars will go first. Its sextile to Pluto will be precise on Wednesday the 3rd, but it will already be in a close orb on Tuesday. Sextile isn’t the strongest of aspects, but here it will be amplified by Mars and Pluto being relatives, a sort of, sharing the same home sign, Scorpio, where Mars currently is. Also Capricorn, where Pluto is at the moment, is the sign of Mars’s exaltation. So expect power struggle in the beginning of the next week.

The conjunction of Venus to Pluto will become precise on Saturday the 6th but can already be felt in the preceding couple of days. Expect powerful love/hate situations, try not to be overwhelmed with feelings, if you can.

As usual, if you are interested in the Moon’s signs, phases, days or mansions, use the Astrological Moon Calendar.

If you are interested in planetary aspects, or in universe-coordinated gardening, the Lunar Gardening Calendar will help you.

The Mercury/Pluto Week

Augustina Semenko used to insist that her students should make note of everything that’s happening in the surrounding world and compare the events with the symbolism of prominent configurations formed in the sky. In this section, I am doing exactly that while looking at the past week’s Mercury-Pluto conjunction.

That was an interesting week because in the very beginning of it, on Monday the 25th, Mercury became stationary, turning direct, at 14.56 Capricorn, within less than a degree from Pluto at 15.55 Capricorn. This is as powerful aspect of Mercury as one can get. And during the whole week Mercury was slowly approaching the precise conjunction with Pluto, which culminated on Saturday the 30th. So for the whole week there was a strong background of Mercury/Pluto blend.

Once I saw that Mercury station so close to Pluto, I thought: in astrometeorology the keywords for this would be “destructive winds”. And for the whole week strong winds were blowing here in the UK, it was storm Gertrude.

Also, there was a major cyber-attack on HSBC bank. I think cyber-attacks are so typically Mercury/Pluto!

And a totally different example: US officials announced publicly that Putin is corrupt. Mercury (message, announcement) and a huge, country-wide corruption (Pluto).

Do you have more observations? Please tell me.

The Atmakaraka Calculator is Ready

My latest newsletter announcing the article about Atmakaraka received a great feedback. I’ve got so many responses that I am still working through the backlog, hoping to answer each one of them. Hopefully, I will manage to do that later today. Many people asked me to create an Atmakaraka Calculator, so that they could quickly and easily find out which of the planets is the ruler of their soul.

I am happy to announce that the Atmakaraka Calculator is ready and waiting for you! Currently, it simply outputs the planet which is the Atmakaraka for the given birth details, as well as the degree of a sign the planet is in (in the sidereal zodiac). Later, I am planning to add some keywords and ideas, to help you to understand what this particular Atmakaraka is about. For now, please refer to the article. You might also find useful the descriptions of planets in this online lesson.

A simple mobile app for calculating Atmakaraka is coming soon, for both iOS and Android. Would you like to have it for Windows Phone as well? Please let me know by responding to this email.

I find this Atmakaraka Calculator a fascinating little tool. It makes discovering Atmakaraka so effortless that I applied it to many of my friends and relatives, and I had so many wonderful Aha! moments! Just one example: my brother-in-law is a successful businessman and a relentless traveller, a typical Gemini Sun. But he is also a very caring father for his little daughter, and a loving son for his aged mother. I began to see him somewhat differently, and deeper, once I discovered that his Atmakaraka is the Moon! I wish you many discoveries, and please share them with me, if you can.

Here is one idea I invite you to think about: one of the explanations why Atmakaraka is so important says that this planet has travelled the furthest of all in its sign, and so it has the most experience. Now, when using the Atmakaraka Calculator, you will see that the degree in which the calculated planet is situated will differ for different people. Sometimes the degree can be close to 20, but on the other occasions it will be very close to the end of the sign, 29 degrees with minutes.

Since Atmakaraka is the ruler of the soul, I would suggest that the higher the degree, the older is the soul. An old soul is very confident in what it does, and in fact can be quite passive as it already knows so much. On the other hand, younger souls can be very active in their desire to prove themselves, to gain experience. However, they are less confident. Would you agree with this idea? Does it make sense in your experiments with the Atmakaraka Calculator?

Working on the New Version of the Hours App

Hours was the second of the apps I ever made, and it exists for both iPhone and Android. My very first app was iLuna.

Hours is an app for those who use planetary hours. If you don’t know what planetary hours are, here is an article that explains that: Planetary Hours and Days. There is also a rather popular page on Lunarium, Planetary Days and Hours, that allows to quickly calculate planetary hours for pretty much any date, for a specific location.

The Hours app was released about seven years ago, and quite amazingly, it simply continues to work, unlike some of my other apps (many of them were broken by the latest releases of iOS and Android). It also remained all these years my second most popular app, after iLuna. This was a blessing and a curse at the same time since I wasn’t motivated to update Hours. Yes, it still works, but it wasn’t updated for the latest iPhone screens, so it doesn’t use the whole screen of the device. And Android version, while it looked all right on the very first Android phone, now looks really crude.

A number of times I was prompted by the users of Hours that I should update the app, and a few years ago a new version was almost ready. But then I was distracted by something, and never released it.

Yesterday I received an email from an old friend of Lunarium: ‘Could you PLEASE create an updated version of your SPECTACULAR “Hours” app for Apple’s new iOS platforms?’. It worked as the last straw: I got up at 5am and started a new project, for a renewed Hours app. My schedule didn’t become less hectic, but if I will be able to work on the app at least half an hour a day, perhaps on trains, I will manage to roll it out sooner rather than later.

This time I am using a cross-platform framework (named Xamarin), so it will be the same app, with the same functionality, for both iOS and Android. And, potentially, for Windows Phone as well, although for that I will need to buy a more expensive license. So my first request: if you are using a Windows Phone, and you want to have the Hours app on it, please indicate that by responding to this email.

There is also an option with Xamarin, without too much of an additional effort, to create a version of the app for desktops, both Windows and Mac OS. If you would like to have an Hours app on your desktop, please respond and tell me for which platform you want it.

Here are the suggestions for the new version I received from the friend who uses the app every day and finds it indispensable. If you are an active user of Hours, please respond to this email and tell me if you agree with these comments, and if you would like to add something else. Please also see below regarding the new features I am going to add.

  • The interface of Hours for iOS as it stands now is excellent. Please don’t change it.
  • I don’t want the basic experience of the app to change in the least.
  • I was just hoping for an updated screen resolution for the app, same color scheme and layout but with a bigger screen nowadays, more planets and hours on the screen at once!
  • And hopefully maybe you could get the lines of hours to line up perfectly and divide the screen perfectly so that the screen doesn’t cut through Mars or Saturn or whatever at the top or the bottom.
  • Maybe have the first and last hour of the day slightly lowlighted (slightly), or the ruling hours in deep blue or something subtle.

In fact, this is exactly how I wanted to create the new version, with just one additional feature: when you tap on an hour, a detailed information for the planet ruling that hour, collected from a number of traditional sources, would appear: the keywords, plants, minerals, etc.

Also, I am thinking of the app adjusting to a bigger screen size, so that, say, on a tablet both the list of the hours and details for the ruler of the current hour would be visible.

One other possible addition is an option to switch on a notification. For example, you could request the app to notify you when a particular hour begins, or maybe, optionally, to be notified when each of the hours begins.

Please let me know if you are happy about these additions, or if you want to see something else?

An additional feature which was requested a few years ago was to implement in the app the idea of Kabbalistic Cycles, as described in the book Kabbalistic Cycles & the Mastery of Life by Joseph C. Lisiewski. This would make just one additional bit of information on the details page.

Are you aware of Lisiewski’s ideas? Would you welcome this information?

Thank you in advance for your feedback, it will help me to do my best with the new version of Hours.

DIY Astrology is on Sale

In preparation to a major promotion, I’ve put the price of my recent book DIY Astrology: Discover the Main Phases of Your Life to the lowest possible level, and it will stay there for the whole week. So go grab a copy if you don’t have this book yet!

And don’t forget to write a review once you’ve read it!

Here are the links to the book on different Amazon stores:

Would you rather prefer to have a paper version of this book? Please let me know by replying to this email!

See you in the next issue,



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