Lunarium Newsletter #32

February 10, 2016

This Week in the Sky

The next perigee is approaching, the exact time will be 2:35am GMT on the 11th of February. A perigee is often associated with turbulence both in nature and in emotional life. Please read my article about the perigee and apogee if you are new to this.

The coming weekend is going to be eventful, especially Saturday evening, as several different phenomena will happen or culminate within a few hours. Mercury will enter Aquarius at 10:43pm GMT on Saturday the 13th, which should be beneficial for study or other intellectual work requiring focus and concentration. Only 16 minutes later Mars in Scorpio will complete a sextile to Jupiter in Virgo (the sign of Mercury). That should be good for a research or digging out some secrets or mysteries. Sounds like an intellectually rewarding weekend, but hey, there is a Valentine’s Day coming! What Venus will be doing in the sky?

Venus will complete its parallel to Pluto half an hour before just described events, at 10:14pm, and a little bit earlier, at 6:18pm, it will complete its parallel to Saturn. Not the most romantic of aspects indeed, they can bring obstacles and complexities into our emotional lives.

To summarise, the coming weekend will favour geeks but not so much lovers. However, the Moon will be in Taurus most of the time, which is good for cooking, gardening and family life.

To find out more about the Moon, lunar days, stations and other details please refer to the Astrological Moon Calendar.

The Lunar Nodes as a Life Guide

The recent Atmakaraka article and Atmakaraka Calculator attracted a substantial interest, but a few people emailed me to say that they were not satisfied with the brief interpretations of different planets as Soul Rulers that I offered in the article. In particular, the descriptions for Rahu and Saturn weren’t really inspiring or informative.

There are a few ways how I am going to remedy this, but the general advice is to discover more about the symbolism of your Soul Ruler in the Western Astrology. To compensate for the lack of information about Rahu, which is the Moon’s North Node in the West, I’ve translated a section from my Russian ‘Teach Yourself Astrology’ book and made it available as an article, The Lunar Nodes as a Life Guide. I have a whole chapter about the lunar nodes in that book, and if you’ll find this article useful, I can continue my translation efforts and offer interpretations for the lunar nodes in different houses and signs of the zodiac. Please let me know if you are interested by responding to this email.

A New Design is Coming (Gradually)

It is already more than half a year since the new responsive design for Lunarium was ready, but it takes quite a bit of effort to merge the programming logic with the design. So I decided that to get things moving I will be updating design page-by-page. Right now, the home page is ready, please have a look.

The whole point of the new design is to make Lunarium looking good on mobile devices, so if you are visiting Lunarium on your phone or tablet, please let me know if it works for you.

Sexy Gemini?

This is a bit controversial. We are working with an artist on an image for Gemini, and I really need your feedback on this one. Please read the most recent post on the Lunarium Facebook Page and tell me there what you think.

See you in the next issue,



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