Lunarium Newsletter #33

February 21, 2016

The Next Two Weeks In The Sky

I started to actively work on The Lunar Lore video course, which I suggested to you in one of the previous issues of this newsletter — and the response I received was very positive. The course emerges as an unusual blend of folklore, science and astrological tradition, and in a few weeks time I hope to be able to offer you a detailed outline.

However, to be able to work on the new course, I will have to use some of the time I spend on this newsletter. Therefore, from now on Lunarium Newsletter will be sent to its subscribers twice a month rather than weekly. It will then cover the important celestial events for the two coming weeks. Today, let’s have a look at what’s going to happen in the sky from the 22nd of February to the 6th of March. I will concentrate on the bigger events; as for the ongoing daily changes, please refer to the Astrological Moon Calendar, and the Lunar Gardening Calendar.

There will be a parallel between Venus and Mars on Thursday the 25th of February at 8:19 pm GMT. Parallel is an aspect that is ignored by many, if not most astrologers these days, but in the traditional astrology it was considered to be at least as strong as conjunction, and in addition it acts longer. So there should be a noticeable blend of Venus and Mars energy, which means heightened romantic feelings and increased sexual energy, during the most part of the next week, with culmination on Thursday.

For the week after that, we have a similar traditional aspect, and also culminating on Thursday, the 3rd of March, but this time it will be a counterparallel, an aspect similar to opposition, between the Sun and Uranus, so we should expect an emphasis on personal freedom and originality, a desire to fight routine and to get out of the rut.

Be careful during the next weekend as the Sun will make a conjunction with Neptune on Sunday the 28th at 3:47 pm GMT, and the neptunian influence can be felt for at least a day before that moment. It will be a great time for meditation and spiritual pursuits but not so great for driving or anything that requires concentration.

The last two days of the coming fortnight will be interesting as Mercury will enter Pisces on the 5th of March (at 10:23 am GMT) and Mars will enter Sagittarius on the very next day, the 6th of March (at 2:29 am GMT). Both Pisces and Sagittarius are mutable signs, so I expect on those days multiple quickly changing situations related to communication, learning and commerce (Mercury) as well as work, sports and the way we assert our wills (Mars). Mercury in Pisces will strengthen imagination and synthetic abilities but weaken attention to details. Mars in Sagittarius will make us more active and adventurous, but also perhaps a little bit careless.

Zodiac And Relationships: Is There Incompatibility?

This article is going to be quite big, so I decided to publish the first half, then work on the second half. In this article, I demonstrate how my teacher Augustina Semenko used the idea of the Universal Cycle to estimate the potential of relationships. This is yet another approach from Augustina’s course for newcomers to astrology, and the seventh article in the Universal Cycle series: Is There Incompatibility?.

For those who joined this newsletter recently, here is a list of the previous articles of the series:

The Magical Libra

Quite in time for the compatibility article, the Libra artwork became available. I would appreciate if you could provide a feedback on the Lunarium Facebook Page, where the image is displayed.

For me, this is the most beautiful image of all we were able to create so far together with the artist. You can get a t-shirt with it (and support our work), on Amazon.

As for the previously released image for Gemini, some people liked it but many people hated it. We’ll definitely work on an alternative image for Gemini (it would be quite appropriate, after all, to have two different images for Gemini!), but if you like the first one, you can now get a Gemini t-shirt from Amazon.

Runic Oracle Is Coming Back

While I am working on a new version of the Hours app, some interesting coincidences attracted my attention to my other app, Runic Oracle.

Runic Oracle was my third iPhone app. It was released back in 2009 and hardly ever updated after that. It is based on the interpretations of the runes that I’ve written back in 1994 for a UK runic phone service.

Runic Oracle never achieved the level of success of my first two apps, iLuna and Hours, but occasionally I had a very positive feedback about it from people whose opinion I respect.

Unfortunately, Runic Oracle was broken by iOS 9, so it stopped working for those people who updated to the latest operating system. I was planning to create a new version using a gaming framework, so that the app had a more contemporary look and feel, but the problem with this approach is that I would have to learn that gaming framework first, and with my life as it goes now that would mean months of delay before I could revive Runic Oracle.

A couple of days ago, I received an email from a disappointed user who urged me to bring Runic Oracle back to life, and that email had quite an impact on me, so I’ve changed my plans. I decided to use the same simple approach I used in the original app but to add some new features. I will start the new version of Runic Oracle at some point during the next week while completing the new version of Hours. (Obviously, I can’t invite you to purchase Runic Oracle as the app doesn’t work right now, but on the other hand, I will increase the price of the new version, so if you do buy it now, you can save some money ;)

Also, I would like to share with you some of the feedback I received:

“I absolutely love this rune app. I use it daily and multiple times a day”

“It’s definitely one of my go-to morning activities. It’s really well written and as someone who’s been using runes for years now I really appreciate your interpretations. Very powerful and accurate! Did you write them? They are awesome.”

This kind of feedback makes me a happy man, and helps me to find more of productive time for my projects.

See you in the next newsletter,



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