Lunarium Newsletter #35

May 8, 2016

Retrograde Mars: a Change in Energy Stereotype

I will base my discussion on the concepts explained in my About Retrograde Planets article, so if you are not familiar with that article, please have a look.

I used to pay a lot of attention to retrograde Mercury, and that is natural since Mercury goes retrograde about thrice a year, and its effects are well noticeable.

But retrograde periods of Mars are also very important. They happen once in two years and they take quite a bit more time to develop. For example, the current retrograde period started on the 17th of April and will continue until the 30th of June -- and that’s only the retrograde motion itself. To be able to see the whole story, we should start from the date when Mars first entered the sector of the ecliptic along which it would then move backwards, and that was on the 18th of February. Similarly, we should follow-up the development until Mars will leave this sector of the ecliptic, and that will be the 22nd of August. (You will find all the relevant dates for the current and coming retrograde periods of Mercury, Venus and Mars on the Retrograde Planets page.

As I explained in my article, a retrograde period is the period of change of stereotype in the sphere of experience associated with the planet that goes retrograde. What is the sphere of experience associated with Mars? In the most general terms, Mars is about how we spend our energy. The most common way to spend energy is to work, so for most of us retrograde Mars is about changing our attitude to work. Some people are into sports (I mean real sports, not watching football on TV), so for them retrograde period of Mars can mean a review of their attitude to their sport. We should also remember that Mars is the god of war, and so various conflicts in our lives can be affected by periods of retrograde Mars.

(Jacob Schwartz used to say that historically, those who started a war when Mars was retrograde, lost that war.)

The first of the three stages of a retrograde period is when Mars is slowing down before turning retrograde, and is already moving along the path of future retrograde motion (February 18th - April 17th this year). That’s when the old stereotype is gradually fading out. It is usually the time when we begin to worry about our work on one or another reason. We might work harder than usual because we feel that something is not right. I personally came to understanding in the middle of February that I simply don’t want anymore to work as I worked before, for many years. I tried to quit but the management didn’t want me to leave, so I’ve put a lot of effort into designing more flexible terms of engagement -- so I could avoid commuting every day to London and spending the most productive part of the day in the office. I wanted to work from home as much as possible and spend more time on my personal projects.

The second stage is the retrograde motion per se (April 17th - June 30th this year). The old stereotype is gone, and we begin our search for a new stereotype. In my experience, around the 17th of April it was finally confirmed that the management accepted the arrangement I’ve designed.

Typically, it is this second stage when dissatisfaction with the old job peaks and people tend to quit, which is okay, and natural if the old stereotype of work became outmoded. The problem is that starting a new job when Mars is retrograde isn’t a good idea: chances are, you’ll later discover that the new job is very different from what you’d expected.

The time when Mars is moving backwards is a perfect chance to try different ways how you can spend your energy most productively, or most satisfyingly. Different, sometimes very unusual opportunities may arise, and we should explore as many of them as possible. Just don’t devote yourself completely to any of them -- keep trying and evaluating more and more.

This is also the time when old conflicts can flare up. Learn your lesson from them, and wait for the end of the retrograde period to find a resolution. Do not initiate any aggressive advancements at this time: you will probably lose.

Augustina, my teacher of astrology, used to say that chronic illnesses used to flare up when Mars is retrograde, especially in the areas ruled by Mars: genitals, urinary system, and muscles. She warned not to do any serious surgery at this time, as the probability of mistakes and negative side effects is high.

The third stage, when Mars is already direct but is still moving along the path of retrogradation, is when the new stereotype was already found and we are learning to use it (June 30th - August 22nd this year). If you are going to start a new job during this time, try to do that close to the end of this period, when your understanding of what you really want will stabilise.

The Phases of the Moon Article

Since the very beginning of Lunarium I was planning to write an article about the phases of the Moon: how they are formed, and how and why they are interpreted astrologically, but the task seemed too big for the time I could spare.

Now, as a result of my search for a new Mars stereotype, I managed to write this article. Here it is, have a look:

The Phases of the Moon: Their Essence and Astrological Meaning.

Meet the Fire-Fly

Sam Schroeder sent me a PDF copy of his newsletter named Fire-Fly. In it, he incorporated very nicely my retrograde planets article, and he also added a clear diagram showing the mechanics of retrograde motion, something that is missing from my article. I found the rest of the newsletter to be a very good read, and then Sam told me about his approach to distribution of Fire-Fly. The story is so fascinating that I will quote it here. First of all, only 20 copies of the paper newsletter are printed and hand bound with a needle and thread each month. And here goes the rest of the story from Sam:

On the last page (of the paper versions) I stick a little sticker that reads: ‘Only 20 copies of Fire-fly are made each month, so when you’ve finished reading this copy, please consider leaving it where others may find it (and so learn about Theosophy). Thank you.’ Followed by a small rubber stamp of the Flower of Life. They are then posted to London, and a friend at the United Lodge of Theosophists puts them on their book table for people to take. I hoped that people might leave them on the tube or on bus home, but the amazing thing is, they’ve since found their way all around the world, odd copies of them here and there in France and America. My secret wish is that they will inspire others to help their fellows, to help ease people’s suffering by expressing the timeless wisdom about how Nature works, encourage people to look into such ideas as universal brotherhood (i.e. the One Source of all life), Karma, Reincarnation, as well of course as Astrology. Following the Buddhist tenet that ignorance and desire (for material things) are the source of all suffering.

So go get your PDF copies of Fire-Fly at, and pass this link to the others.

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Enigmatic Cancer

I’ve uploaded another creation of our artist, have a look: Enigmatic Cancer!

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