Lunarium Newsletter #36

May 15, 2016

Special Aspects

Have you noticed something special on Tuesday the 10th of May? That was an interesting day because Venus, very strong in Taurus, made a trine to Jupiter. Jupiter isn’t really strong now, it’s in its detriment in Virgo, but it just turned direct, and so was somewhat prominent too.

What I noticed was that a few people contacted me on that day offering different ways to enrich myself in one or another way. On the day before, when the trine was already forming, I had a nice lunch (very much Taurus-like) with a friend and we achieved an important mutually beneficial agreement.

I am now paying attention to certain aspects, those that are able to create interesting opportunities, and I thought you might be interested to take part in my observations. After all, all the usual daily information can be found on Lunarium. (Let me insert three important links for those who subscribed to this newsletter only recently.)

Astrological Moon Calendar shows information about the phases and the signs of the Moon, as well as void-of-course periods, lunar days, the mansions of the Moon, perigee, apogee and eclipses.

Lunar Gardening Calendar offers planetary aspects, moonrise and moonset, the Moon’s passage through the nodes, and the signs the Moon is in -- but please note that in this particular calendar the sidereal zodiac is used, so the signs are different from those of the Astrological Moon Calendar.

Lunarium Home Page displays the current situation in the sky: the phase, the sign and the void-of-course status, but also recent and coming apogee and perigee, solar and lunar eclipses and retrograde periods of personal planets.

Now, let’s concentrate on something more interesting. I will tell you the dates and times for a specific aspect: the moment when the aspect will become precise (the strongest), when it will enter the orb (so it should start to be noticeable), and when it will leave the orb (so the energy associated with the aspect should cease to exist). Let’s observe what’s going to be happening in our lives, and then, if you wish, we could share our experiences.

The aspect I am going to suggest you to observe will be between Venus and Neptune. This could be one of Magi Astrology’s Super Aspects (I will write about Magi Astrology in the next section), as well as one of their Seduction Aspects. This is what they write about such an aspect:

“Such days are good times to seduce someone or to make love. We all feel more romantic when a Seduction Aspect is in the air. Everyone has more sexual energy. Lovemaking is more fluid, more exhilarating, and more satisfying. We want more romance and sex.”

Except that, the aspect we are going to observe doesn’t belong to those ordinarily used by Magi. We are going to deal with Venus-Neptune quintile, a 72 degree aspect, or 1/5 of a circle. Many astrologers neglect it, but Kepler believed it is important, and I believe that too. It is the main in the group of so called creative aspects, so its energy can be quite interesting, and exciting. It is not necessarily about seduction; perhaps more about romance, and art, and all sorts of beautiful and fascinating things. Also some people say that number 5 is lucky, so this aspect can be about good luck as well. Let’s observe it then, shall we?

The dates and times are in British Summer Time, the current time zone in the UK. Subtract 5 hours to get time in New York, subtract 8 hours for San Francisco, or add 1 hour for the Western Europe. You know the drill.

The aspect will start at 3:11 PM on the 18th of May. It will culminate at 10:56 AM on the 19th of May, and it will end around 6:40 AM on the 20th of May.

Happy observing!

Do Lucky Days Exist?

They do exist, yes, and I have some facts to confirm that, but figuring out those really lucky days can take a bit of an effort.

It is really the fact of life that some days are luckier than other days. I am not speaking about gambling, I am not a gambler. It’s just sometimes everything you try goes so smoothly and brings a lot of satisfaction, while at other times you hit an obstacle after an obstacle and end up in frustration no matter how hard you tried. You will probably also agree with me that some people are luckier than others.

But how do you measure this mysterious factor, good luck? Astrology seems to be the natural approach, and yet most astrologers shun this topic. Try to search for “astrology” on, and you’ll find hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of relevant results -- both paper books and Kindle books. Now try to do the same with the keywords “astrology luck”, and you will only find two decent books, one of them only available as a Kindle book (I will give you the titles and the links a little bit later).

I am interested in the astrology of good luck for quite a while, but I am still in the phase of collecting evidences and ideas. Only recently I started putting together a piece of software that will do the calculations that I find important.

Let me show you an example of results that, in my opinion, demonstrate that good luck does exist, and that it can be predicted. I do buy lottery tickets, occasionally, and sometimes -- perhaps once in a year, or even more rarely -- I win something. Something like £5, or £10. The biggest amount I ever won was probably £50, several years ago.

Back in September 2015 I decided to test one of the slow aspects that is, according to Magi Astrology (more about them later), important for financial success. The aspect was a conjunction of transiting Jupiter to my natal Pluto, and it was within a reasonable orb during the first half of September. The results were quite interesting.

  • On the 1st of September I won £13.40 on EuroMillions.
  • On the 2nd of September I won £25 on Lotto.
  • On the 8th of September I won £3.40 on EuroMillions.

I didn’t win a lot of money, as you can see, but I was consistently winning something, pretty much every time I played, and that was so unusual!

At this point, I cannot (yet) offer you a system that would work consistently and reliably, but I can share a few sources of information that, in my view, are worth attention.

First of all, there is a very affordable piece of software that can get you started in no time. You can actually get a free report for three months, and use the software for free in a limited way, but I just bought it: at $79 it’s an easy buy, and I confirm that it is well done: no glitches, no crashes, good quality of display and printing. (Note that it is for Windows, but I am running it without problems on my Mac in a virtual machine).

The app is called Lucky Days. It is based on a reasonable astrological model, and you can see what exactly it calculates and how it comes to a conclusion which days are lucky. However, if you are not familiar with the nitty-gritty of technical astrology, you can simply ignore the details and just use the days that are clearly marked. I tested this app on my September 2015 serial wins, and I did hit a lucky window then, although marked with only one dollar sign ($), which means a moderately lucky period. I have a few of $$$$$ ones ahead, and I will tell you if and how they will work for me. The information on the website and in the textual description that comes with the app is worth reading. Here is a highlight, from the Lucky Days website:

“The software was tested in 2002 on the BBC TV2 show, ”Dave Gorman’s Important Astrology Experiment“. The test was that he would act on the advice of several astrologers (mainly from London), while his twin brother (20 minutes younger) would not. The test was to see who would be better off after a 6-week period. During that time Dave took sports bets on two of the lucky days suggested by the program and won a total of UK 1050 Sterling (about $1600). His brother did not make any extra money during this time”.

There is also an honest and competent book I could wholeheartedly recommend to those who are interested in the astrology of good luck: Gambling, Luck, and Astrology: Win the Maximum. Lose the Minimum by Nikolai James. For me, this book confirmed the effectiveness of the ideas of Magi Astrology (again, more about them later) when applied to gambling. Bear in mind that to fully benefit from this book you’d better be familiar with the basics of technical astrology (like aspects). From the introduction:

“This book is the first book on astrology and gambling available that gives a wealth of information and is actually based on experience. I have personally won jackpots of hundreds and thousands of dollars due to gambling at the correct astrological times. I have seen my luck explode in the course of a few minutes while an astrological aspect comes to exactness”.

Another book which seems to have value is Using Astrology to Find your Luck: What works? by Kathleen Powers. (You can also get a paperback version of this book.) I only started reading the book yesterday but already found a good idea. It is about Quintile and Septile aspects:

“Ignored by almost everyone, these aspects appear to be important in winning. … Yet we Astrologers ignore the Quintile, essentially skipping over it in favor of the less powerful sextile.”

This makes sense. I will keep reading, and by the time of the next newsletter should be able to give you a more informed opinion about the book.

Bear in mind that some books have a promising title but no useful content at all. They are essentially selling their title for a few bucks! One such book is “Winning with Astrology” with Evelyn Nagle. It is cheap, but do not waste your time and money on this one.

Now about the Magi Astrology. They do have a website, but it can be misleading as it looks like they are now into financial trading, and this is not why I got interested in them many years ago (in the end of the 1990s).

Here are a few main highlights about this school of astrology:

  • They pay a lot of attention to the planetary aspects, and the planetary geometry (like Grand Trine or T-Square).
  • They completely ignore vast areas of astrological tradition, such as houses and dignities/debilities.
  • They pinpoint specific aspects and give them shiny labels, like Super Aspects or Golden Linkages. As a result, they provide easy to use recipes for various life situations, mainly compatibility, love, sex, and money.
  • They give a huge amount of attention to planetoid Chiron, making it more significant than any of the planets. This looks weird, especially to a traditionally-minded astrologer, like myself, but I had a number of occasions to verify some of their ideas, and they seemed to work well. For example, a very major, truly revolutionary change in my life happened when Uranus transited across my natal Chiron.

Let’s see if you are interested in this topic (please respond to this email if you are), and I will share with you more information.

Survey Success

I got 140 responses to my little survey, thank you very much everyone who took part in it! I now know the active part of my audience much better, and will take your feedback into account when working on the coming issues of the newsletter.

I am especially grateful for the kind words left by many responders. They are precious for me, and they help me to keep working on my projects.

Once this newsletter will be sent later today, I will write a simple random number generator to pick three of the responders. I will then ask them to choose one of the Lunarium t-shirts on, and hopefully before the end of the day I will have those t-shirts ordered. To which parts of the world they’ll travel, I am wondering. I will tell you that in the next issue.

Efficient Virgo

Our artist came up with an image for Virgo. Please have a look and let me know what you think of it.

See you in the next issue,



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