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Date/Time Format
{dsLocales::@dtime}      {dsLocales::@dtime}     

Location Country:   City:  

Current Time in this Location: {date}

Latitude: {@latitude} (Southern is negative)     Longitude: {@longitude} (Western is negative)

Please Note

Please note that if you want Lunarium to remember your selection, you must have cookies enabled in your web browser (they are enabled by default, so everything should work fine for most people).

Alternatively, you can bookmark the page displaying location-sensitive information (like lunar calendar or planetary hours). If you do this straight after selecting a location, all the information for that location will be encoded into the page's URL and will be saved in the bookmark.

If you couldn't find your city in the lists above, you have two options:

  1. You can email Webmaster and ask to add your city. We'll try to add as many locations as possible but we don't guarantee that we'll add each requested location. Please see the criteria that we use below.
  2. You can select any location on the Earth using the Interactive Location Selector.

About Adding Cities

Here is an approximate list of criteria that we tend to use when deciding whether to add a suggested location to the list.

  1. If the selected city is from a country that is not present in our list of countries, we'll definitely add both the city and the country
  2. If for some country we have very few cities in our list, we'll want to add more cities to this country.
  3. If the suggested city is large or prominent in some way, we'll add it to the list.
  4. If the city is not particularly big but is far from any bigger cities, we'll add it.
  5. No matter how small is the locations, if it has some particular significance for many people, we'll add it.

Please remember that you can always select any location on the Earth using the Interactive Location Selector.


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