Hours - a Planetary Hours Calculator for iPhone and Android

Hours uses the super-precise Swiss Ephemeris to calculate planetary hours for any day and any location. No Internet access is needed, the app is completely self-sufficient. The following features are available:

  • A list of planetary hours is displayed for the selected day. The current planetary hour is highlighted (currently, this is only in the Android version).
  • Tapping on a planetary hour displays a prompt with the name of the planet and its keywords (at the moment, only in the Android version).
  • You can define your current location and calculate planetary hours for it.
  • You can define any custom location.
  • You can save as many custom locations as you wish (only in the Android version for now).
  • You can select any of a few hundred preconfigured locations in almost a hundred different countries (Android only for now).

You can see that some important features are missing in the iPhone version. This is because historically it was the first. This version is currently being reworked, and it will be updated with new features soon.

Hours for iPhone and iPod touch


Hours for Android











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